You may have heard hair professionals and beauty editors raving about Ultimate Repair, Wella Professionals’ newest range of hair care products that take nourishment and shine to a whole other level.

Inspired by skincare, this new Wella routine invites you to treat your client’s hair as you would their face, using science-based formulas and luxurious textures that make washing your client’s hair a joy.

We’ve previously discussed the ‘skinification of hair‘, and this new Wella range will help you see it in practice.

Everything you need to know about Ultimate Repair from Wella Professionals


“Ultimate Repair is the complete solution for damaged hair in a luxurious 4 step ritual.”


The range harnesses a cutting-edge combination of AHA to rebuild the internal hair bonds and Omega-9 to replenish damaged hair on the outside. By repairing strands from the inside out, Ultimate Repair delivers a dramatic boost in nourishment you can see and feel.

1. Cleanse and Prepare.

2. Condition and Maintain.

3. Treat and Reverse.

.4. Protect and Prevent

Ultimate Repair Shampoo




With a beautifully rich lather, Ultimate Repair Shampoo whisks away dirt, impurities, pollutants and metals in the hair to leave locks balanced. It also kick-starts the bond-rebuilding process, making it the perfect cleanser for dry hair.

Massage it into wet hair, rinse, then repeat if needed.

Ultimate Repair Conditioner or Mask



After squeezing out excess water, treat the mid-lengths and ends of hair with the Ultimate Repair Conditioner or Mask.

For finer or less damaged hair, the creamy formula of the condition gives intense inner strength without weighing the hair down, leaving locks of hair soft to the touch, clean and fresh, and feeling only 30 seconds.

For thicker, coarser, or more damaged hair, the mask’s rich formula with adaptive technology detects the most damaged parts of hair, repairing hair and making it smoother precisely where needed. It offers intense smoothness and ease of detangling without a heavy feel.


In skin care, AHA is commonly known to exfoliate the skinbut also promoting the production of collagen, to give strength to theskin. In hair, AHA also gives strength by rebuilding the hydrogen bonds.


Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue



This is the game-changer. Perfect for straight, wavy, curly or oily hair, Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue transforms parched, brittle locks in just 90 seconds.

The silky spray gives you 12x smoother hair, 99% less breakage, and legendary shine that lasts for up to four washes while detangling even the knottiest strands so they’re ready for your perfect look.

This is an intense formula, and because it’s a liquid, it penetrates strands ultra-fast.

Mist it through clean, towel-dried hair, allow it to absorb for the full 90 seconds (no touching!), then comb and style locks as desired. Goodbye, bad hair days indeed.

Ultimate Repair Protective Leave-In



The leave-in serum is the final step in the ultimate repair regime. It may be the last step, but as nearly any dermatologist will say, protection is the most important part of any skin-care regimen and is good for hair care.

This delicate cream serum repairs and smooths all hairtypes and protects them from key concerns: breakage, heat, UV, pollution, and frizz.

Apply 1-4 pumps to the entire length of the hair for that ultimate finish.

The Regime itself replicates that of a skincare regime, making it a truly luxurious experience with the most powerful repair, giving intense strength from within and replenished outside with Metal Purifier technology to detox your client’s hair.


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