What products are available in the Wella Professionals Care range?

BRILLIANCE for coloured hair

Our most advanced colour care for long-lasting and healthy-looking colour with Microlight Crystal Complex. See ultimate colour brilliance. Touch alluring softness. Sense premium fine fragrances.

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ENRICH for dry or damaged hair

Repair and protects dry and damaged hair, leaving it full of vitality. See strong smooth hair from root to tip. Touch incredible smoothness. Sense premium fine fragrances.

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BALANCE for scalp care

Soothes, calms and refreshes the scalp, leaving it fully refreshed. See calm hair & scalp. Touch clean-feeling hair & scalp. Sense smoothing premium fragrances.

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ELEMENTS “Free of” care system

Free of sulfates, parabens and artificial colourants for renewed hair vitality.

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OIL REFLECTIONS for all hair types

Smoothens and softens hair, revealing the glossy reflections of any hair colour.

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