Did you know, that for every 1 of your customers that complains to you, there are 9 more that feel the same but haven’t told you?

So if you had 3 complaints, then there were another 27 people that were unhappy with the service they received! It’s a scary statistic, we know, but it’s one which really helps you focus on your customer experience and understand the importance that client satisfaction holds for your business.

And think about it, how many times have you done the same? How many times have you had a bad meal that you didn’t bother complaining about? Or been served by someone who didn’t seem interested in their job? Bet it’s put you off going back, hasn’t it?

Whilst we have got better at complaining in recent years, British people are still reserved when it comes to speaking out. And that’s why it’s really important that we encourage our clients to be completely honest with us about their experience, and reassure them that their comments are being taken on board.

Don’t be so negative

When a client is brave enough to voice their dissatisfaction to you about a service they have received, no matter how negative their comments are (provided they are not completely unfounded) they should be taken on board and treated as pearls of wisdom. And when you think about it, they kind of are!

Use their comments constructively

They are potentially voicing the opinion of 3 times more of your customers, and if they have a complaint about the way a certain service is conducted then you need to listen. It might be something you’re already partly aware of, but it might be something which is completely new to you. Either way, it is something which you can look to improve!

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