Vast research conducted by Parlux designers have resulted in the creation of a new professional appliance: “The Parlux PowerLight 385″, the next generation hair dryer!

Achieve the ultimate blow dry with the Powerlight 385 hairdryer from Parlux, a brand that creates professional tools with outstanding quality, performance and reliability. Just £89.95!

Parlux 385 PowerLight

Listed below are the main features of the new Parlux PowerLight 385 hairdryer:

Wattage and Airflow:

2150watts 79m3/h

Durability and Power

The Parlux 385 PowerLight hairdryer has the new K-LAMINATION motor by Italian manufacturer Ciaramella, which is more durable and powerful.


By reducing the weight of all the components an exceptionally light hairdryer was created. Only 452 g, 15% less compared to the Parlux 3800 model (534 g) and 20% less compared to the Parlux 3200 model (563 g).

Ionic and Ceramic

Essential for healthy, static-free hair.

New Colours

Available in a range of fabulous eye catching colours: Black, Hot Pink, White, Purple, Mint and now Light Gold!

Established Features

It has the main features of low noise (with an in-built silencer), balance and manageability of established Parlux hairdryers. Like other models, the Parlux 385 PowerLight hairdryer is the ideal size for hairdressers – 18.5 cm.


The new hairdryer and its packaging are made with recyclable materials.


The 385 Diffuser is specially designed for the new hairdryer. Also the Parlux Melody Silencer is perfectly compatible with Parlux 385 PowerLight.

Lower Consumption

So incredibly powerful that hair can be dried and set in a very short time, reducing electricity consumption.

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