Nail art is a huge part of the nail industry, with clients choosing more intricate and customised nail designs. Having the right tools for the job is the first step in creating amazing nail art that will wow your clients and really show off your nail art skills. Here at Salons Direct, we are excited to share that we now stock BrillBird Brush & Go nail art gel, nail art brushes, and holo glittersthe perfect products to elevate your nail game.

In the latest edition of our brand spotlight series, we catch up with the BrillBird team.

What is BrillBird?

BrillBird changes together with fashion: there are always new colours, new techniques and new developments, but in the meantime has its own unique style independent of the whims of fashion that is a safe anchor amidst the storm of changes: the BrillBird style is elegance, and with the assorted and varied materials and sophisticated tools of BrillBird everyone can taste the creative freedom of beautiful nails. We are passionate about providing high-quality product lines, in-depth training and support for the nail industry.

Tell us how BrillBird began?

The BrillBird company was first created in 2010, producing high-quality products, not only for nail structure but for art, design and training. The brand quickly gained a particularly good reputation for its products and education and is now distributed almost worldwide. BrillBird has gone from strength to strength since then in terms of its reputation, quality and team of educators and ambassadors.

How does Brillbird’s Brush & Go differ from others on the market?

Our Brush & Go Colour Gels are certainly unlike any others on the market. These colour gels can be used in so many ways due to their high pigment and non-tacky shine after curing. They are hard-gel, non-soakable colours which can still be used over a soakable gel polish in an art capacity.

What makes BrillBird products a great choice for salons and nail techs?

BrillBird products are excellent for artwork, from intricate gel painting blending various colours and layering, but also for fine lining and highlighting. When done in small amounts, fine lining and highlighting can also be done on top of a gel polish treatment.

Our products are also excellent for full coverage colour over nail enhancement products such as hard gel or acrylic. If you want to do this with your clients, we would suggest using two thin layers applied with a gel brush (such as our smile line brush). Although, you may find one coat is sometimes suitable for your needs. Our products cure with a non-tacky finish and high shine but can be used with a topcoat also for longevity.

In addition, we have a vast colour range, all of which have a non-run consistency which enables you to paint around the cuticle and nail grooves, achieving a close application without running onto your client’s skin.

The best BrillBird nail products to try

BrillBird Brush & Go gel

BrillBird Brush and Go Gel Colour Gel



BrillBird Brush and go gels are colour gels with an extremely high pigment content and may be used in a few ways. They are excellent for artwork, from intricate gel painting blending various colours and layering, but also for fine lining and highlighting, which, when done in small amounts, can also be done on top of a gel polish treatment. These gels make it really easy to paint a colour-free edge French design and geometric block colours too. Because they cure with a non-tacky shine, the art may be done over, topcoat or under, giving different effects.

french manicure nails using brillbird brand

Nails by @_nailsbybethany using Brush and Go Gels

BrillBird Hypnotic gel polish

brillbird hypnotic gel


Hypnotic gel & lac is a soakable gel polish with perfect pigment content and no more than two thin coats are required. Long-wearing with the correct application should be wearing 3-4 weeks depending on the client following correct aftercare advice. The bottles give a true representation of the colours, making it easier for in-salon client displays.

Key Features:

  • The consistency is exactly right for the product not to run into sidewalls or cuticle areas.
  • The colour range is immense, including cream, frosted and slight glitters.
  • Removal can be professionally filed off or soaked off, whichever is your preference.
  • Cure time LED 30-60sec
bright blue nails aesthetic shot

Bright blue nails by @prettylittleyoustamford using Hypnotic Gels

BrillBird Nail Art Brushes 

Nail brushes by Brillbird


BrillBird brushes are premium quality professional tools with an exclusive design made with synthetic bristles. At Salons Direct, you’ll find a great selection of BrillBird nail art brushes in various sizes, all tried, tested and approved by the best BrillBird nail artists!

Thank you to BrillBird for taking part in our Brand Spotlight series. 

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