Have you seen bold, full and perfectly groomed eyebrows popping up on your Instagram feed and wondered how they were achieved?

Well, it was probably through brow lamination.

Brow lamination is heating up as one of the hottest brow treatments at the moment. So, you might be wondering how you can go about offering it in your salon?

To help you out, we asked beauty industry expert, Cheryl Taylor, to give us some advice on your most asked questions – don’t forget to check out her own brow lamination range, Idol by Cheryl Taylor, available now at Salons Direct.

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What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a semi permanent treatment that manipulates brow hairs into the desired ‘brushed-up’ position by using a setting lotion – kind of like a perm for eyebrows, minus the curls! The result is fluffy brow hairs that have a full and bold appearance.

Bear in mind that brow laminating certainly produces its own specific look, different to other brow treatments.

“Brow lamination gives slicked up brows with a high shine finish’, says Cheryl. As it is pain-free and non-committal, many clients find it preferable to some of the more intensive treatments, too.

“It’s the latest alternative to microblading. It’s less invasive and more affordable, giving clients effortlessly fluffy brows which are bang on trend at the minute.”

How does brow lamination work?


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As a beautician, knowing how brow lamination works is vital. As we said above, the brow lamination process works similarly to a perm. While there are a few different techniques, all will involve applying a lifting creme to the eyebrow hairs. This will break down the bonds that hold the natural brow in shape, allowing you to reset them in their new position.

Here, Cheryl explains how brow lamination works when using her own Idol products…

“There are a variety of brow lamination procedures used in the industry to create the fluffy look or lifted brows, but Idol Lamination procedure uses brow adhesive throughout the brow.

“First, a brow adhesive is used to secure the brows into the desired shape. The adhesive also acts as a barrier to protect the hair and skin from damage or irritation.

“After securing the eyebrows into position, Idol STEP 1 lifting cream is applied to the brow hair, allowing the hair to become relaxed to easier manipulate into a new shape. Idol STEP 2 then neutralises the hair into their new shape.”

After the brow lamination process, you can move on to tidy up or map the brows by trimming and tweezing the strays. You can also apply a brow tint for a full eyebrow overhaul, if requested – or give them a finishing touch with some brow gel or nourishing oil.

Many clients also like to have a lash lift at the same time as their brow lamination, which offers a good salon package opportunity. Cheryl explains why Idol is the ideal product for this…

“Idol is the first dual product on the UK market; this means that it can be used for brow lamination and lash lifting. Therapists can offer both treatments to their clients in one appointment!”

How long does brow lamination last?

If your clients follow all of the aftercare processes correctly, brow lamination can last from 6 to 8 weeks. If clients want to maintain their new full brows long term, they will need to book in every 14 to 21 days for best results.
What type of client can benefit from brow lamination – is it for everyone?
One of the best things about eyebrow lamination is that it is suitable for almost any client.

According to Cheryl, “it is perceived that the treatment is only for clients with thick eyebrows. However, some of the most amazing results come from clients with thinner less obvious brows.”

While fuller brows often boast the biggest impact, clients with sparse or thin eyebrows can see huge improvements following brow lamination. This is because the hairs can be set to cover any gaps and lifted to give the illusion of full brows. Eyebrow shapes can be created that frame the face better, improve symmetry and neaten up uneven hair growth. The brushed-up, ‘lifted’ style also gives a more ‘awake’ appearance to the face.

Nevertheless, don’t assume everyone who walks through your salon door is ready to sit straight in your chair for brow lamination.

“We must stress how important consultation is”, says Cheryl. “Assessment of the brow hair is essential. As brow lamination is a chemical treatment, it isn’t always suitable for all hair and skin types, for that reason”.

While brow lamination causes little damage, regular chemical usage can begin to irritate the skin or dry out the hairs. Clients with very sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema should be treated with extra care, so make sure you have a thorough consultation with everyone before performing their brow lamination.

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Of course, there is also the risk of allergic reactions, which brings up our next extremely important question…

Do you need a patch test for brow lamination?

We have talked about the importance of patch testing on our blog previously – and cannot stress enough just how vital it is.

You will need to carry out a patch test 48 hours before every brow lamination treatment. If you are also performing a brow tint, eyelash tint, lift or any other chemical treatment, these must also be patch tested separately. Make sure you record every patch test that takes place for each client. If a client refuses a patch test, or doesn’t show up for it, you should not go ahead with the treatment.

Remember to also ensure you follow all your salon hygiene procedures, too, to minimise the risks of cross contamination and infection.

Do you need training to do brow lamination in your salon?

As with any new beauty treatment, it is important that you recieve training before you start performing brow laminations in your salon. This ensures that you follow all the correct health and safety requirements, plus know the best techniques, consultation processes and aftercare procedures to allow you to meet your clients’ expectations.

As Cheryl also points out, “insurance companies will not insure you for this treatment if you haven’t got the relevant brow lamination qualification”. Most accredited courses last around half a day to one full day, and should issue you with a certificate as proof of completion. We always recommend speaking to your insurer before choosing any beauty course to ensure you are covered. Be aware that some courses may require previous qualifications, first.

Cheryl understands the importance of training and offers her own brow lamination course:

“We offer a brow lamination course at my training academy, Oh Darlin’, in Liverpool. The course is fully accredited and is a half day course. It is an advanced brow treatment and so anyone wanting to do the course must have a qualification in brow waxing and tinting prior to attending. We also offer a full beginners brow course with brow lamination which is a fully accredited full day course.”

How important is aftercare to brow lamination?

Once you have completed your brow lamination treatment, it’s essential to educate your clients on the aftercare process.

“Aftercare is paramount to the effectiveness of this treatment”, says Cheryl. “You should take the time to consult with your client prior to treatment and stress that aftercare is crucial and must be adhered to for effective results.”

If clients don’t know what not to do following their treatment, it may not last as long – and they may well come back to you with a complaint.

So, be sure to advise clients on the following brow lamination aftercare procedure:

For the first 48 hours…

  • No water should be used on or around the treatment area
  • No saunas, steam rooms or swimming pools can be visited

In addition, a conditioning treatment should be brushed through the brows daily to nourish the hair and avoid brittleness, breakage or hair loss, says Cheryl.

What products do you need to perform a brow lamination?

Idol by Cheryl Taylor offers full professional brow lamination kits that contain all the products you need for the brow lamination process including lifting creme, neutralising lotion, moisturising serum, lift adhesive and brow combing tools.

The Idol By Cheryl Taylor Brow Lamination Full Kit provides a minimum of 20 treatments, offering excellent value for your salon.

In addition, you will need all your other lash and brow accessories and essentials, such as tweezers and scissors and basics such as cotton wool and tissues.

Looking for more brow lamination products? Shop our full range of professional lash and brow supplies online now.

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