For clients looking to use gels while their natural nails grow, choose Glossify Naturabuild. Naturabuild is a range of strong base gels that can be used to increase the natural nails’ ability to grow. The gel formula comes in 16 neutral shades, including 10 NEW shades for 2022. Here, we cover the shade range in the Glossify Naturabuild collection, faqs about the range and a Q&A with Glossify ambassadors, @beautybychloemayboyce, @bysarah____ and @nailsbydannimoore

What Are The Shades Available In Glossify Naturabuild?

Choose from a fantastic range of beautifully curated colours in the Glossify Naturabuild Collection. The shade range allows clients to wear the base as a natural overlay complementing all skin tones or as a base under gel polish for extra strength.

10 new Glossify Naturabuild shades:

  • Clay – A gorgeous muted, dusky rose.
  • Almond– A cool-toned taupe.
  • Bliss Warm-toned terracotta pink
  • Primrose – A deeper dusty rose.
  • Sheer White – A pure white.
  • Stone – A natural dusty shade.
  • Cashmere A pale, barely-there natural pink.
  • Porceline  – A soft, pale pinky-white.
  • Honey – A warm peachy nude.
  • Clear – Completely transparent.

Glossify Naturabuild core range stocked at Salons Direct

Choose from a range of six shades:


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FAQ’s About Glossify Naturabuild

Do you need to put a base under Naturabuild?

No, the gel is a base gel with a primer built in so there’s no need to use a separate base. It can straight onto the nail plate saving time and products. 

What should I wipe with after prep?

After completing your prep, you should wipe over with acetone to remove all the oils and debris from the nail plate ready for application. Avoid using prep scrubs, these contain other substances that cause the gel to disperse and not stick.


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Do I need to refine Naturabuild?

It completely depends on the application. If it has been used to build layers rather than used as a base you can wipe away the tacky layer with acetone and refine it into shape. 

Does Naturabuild soak off?

Yes, you can soak off or infill Naturabuild!

Can you extend a nail using Naturabuild? Watch this TikTok to find out!

@glossifyofficial How to extend the nail using builder gel- using Naturabuild Pink #nails #buildergel #DisneyPlusVoices ♬ Roxanne – Instrumental – Califa Azul


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What Do The Glossify Ambassadors Say About Glossify Naturabuild?

We caught up with Glossify Ambassadors @beautybychloemayboyce, @bysarah____ and @nailsbydannimoore to find out more information about the best selling Naturabuild range.

What are the main benefits of using Naturabuild?

@beautybychloemayboyce: I love Naturabuild and it’s my favourite essential in my nail kit. I love the journey Naturabuild can have on your clients’ nails creating strength and a desirable length over time.

@bysarah____: Long-lasting, strength building, can be infilled, range of colours that maintain their shade & shine for 3+ weeks.

What type of client would you use Naturabuild on?

@nailsbydannimoore: I use it on all my clients. I just vary the thickness and amount of coats depending on their nails.

@beautybychloemayboyce: I use it on 90 percent of my clients. Whether they have short nails or long Naturabuild can be applied.


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How does applying Naturabuild differ from applying regular gel?

@bysarah____: Naturabuild gel is a thicker consistency, my top tip is to warm the bottles up before use for an easier application.

@beautybychloemayboyce: Naturabuild is a longer-lasting and more hardwearing gel so the application is slightly different.

What colours do you use the most and why?

@nailsbydannimoore: Pink and nude are perfect for most skin tones but also clay and almond from the new collection are firm favourites of mine now. They go perfectly as the base for most negative space designs.

@bysarah____: I always tailor my Naturabuild shade to compliment my client’s skin tone, I find nude & pink are my most popular & versatile.


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Which is the most versatile colour?

@nailsbydannimoore: Nude I think is a shade that most people can wear.

@bysarah____: Nude & Pink, although Clay is a new up & coming dark horse that I feel will compliment ALL skin tones 👌🏼.


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Do you think the colour options suit all skin tones?

@bysarah____: Yes there is a shade to match & compliment all skin tones beautifully 👌🏼 .

@beautybychloemayboyce: ABSOLUTELY there is a full range of colours from whites- dusty pinks- soft browns.

How many coats do you apply for Naturabuild? Would this change for each client’s needs?

@beautybychloemayboyce: I always apply two coats of Naturabuild. One thin gripping layer and one build up later with an apex.

@bysarah____: 2 for infill or base under a colour, 3 for a new application.


On average how many sets do you get out of one bottle?

@nailsbydannimoore: Actually have no idea – I’ve always got a spare bottle so I never take much notice of how many sets – maybe I should start to count!

@bysarah____: I do around 30 clients a week & I’d say I only have to do a new order once a month.. but can we request SUPERSIZE bottles please 🙏🏼 🤪🤣.


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