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Do you want to transform your client’s hair using a new and innovative brand designed to disrupt the hair straighteners market? Let us introduce you to hur., the new kid on the block aiming to turn hairstyling on its head with styling irons only hairdressers can dream of.

Now stocked at Salons Direct, the hur. collection of styling tools gives you the power, freedom, and ability to experiment with any style and get immediate results while keeping hair’s health as the number 1 priority.

Each hur. Iron boasts floating, mineral-infused ceramic plates that seal the hair’s cuticle and lock in moisture, leaving your clients with smoother, shinier, and longer-lasting results.

hur. has also partnered with Paperworks to offer training and support to young adults with learning difficulties and complex needs, building both basic and more specific skills within the workplace.

Everything You Need To Know About hur. Hair

hur. hopes to empower stylists and industry professionals to make choices they can feel good about and pave the way for sustainable change in the hair beauty industry.


“It was really important to me to create a brand that had a bigger social and environmental impact.  Having a ‘great’ product is no longer enough, brands must provide an experience that helps the customer feel good about that interaction and make better choices.  My hope is that in helping our customers look good and take better care of their hair, hur. can also help make a difference in an industry that still has a long way to go when it comes to ethical standards”.

-hur.Founder Lucy Jenkinson

How Did hur. Begin?

Born out of lockdown 2.0 from a frustration with the mixed messaging and service levels delivered by bigger brands, HUR.’s aim is to bring a great quality product to market but take greater responsibility for how they do that. With a passion to do things a little different, hur. hope to inspire a new generation of stylists and professionals to challenge the norm.

By their own admission, the brand has joined the ‘anti-perfection’ rebellion we now see trending in the hair and beauty space, but not by way of a glossy marketing campaign for sake of ‘jumping on the brand wagon’. Routed at the core of the business is everything non-typical of a haircare brand, but it’s working!

What sets you apart from competitors in the market? 

We’re raw, authentic, and an untouched brand that professionals can influence – we’re bringing back a brand that stylists can truly feel part of. We deliver a healthier styling experience, and our products get results. HUR. is proudly partnered with a social enterprise that creates social benefits for our Trainees who have learning and physical disabilities, autism, and mental health needs. It’s the effort and work ethic of our Trainees that allows us to offer superior customer service every time.

With exterior variable temperature control, users can select a heat that best suits their client’s hair type, style, or condition, avoiding unnecessary heat application and subsequent damage.  Each of hur.’s irons also boasts floating, mineral-infused ceramic plates that seal the hair’s cuticle and preserve moisture, leaving customers with smoother, shinier, and healthier results.

What are your bestselling products, and why?

The hur.iron slant has been the brand’s best-selling tool to date. Its quirky 30° angled plates have given stylists and consumers the confidence to achieve the always trending beachy wave and softer curls. It really is the perfect tool to ‘curl with a straightener and add texture or volume to any straight look. The slanted plates allow you to get closer to the root and achieve bevelled ends with ease. 


“The best irons I’ve ever used, and I have used plenty. The slant iron makes the most amazing beach waves I’m obsessed. I just love what the brand stands for.”

Calum Tierney – Celebrity Stylist

Do you have any tips for Hairdressers using hur.?

Less is more! We always recommend starting styling at a lower heat – you’ll be surprised what looks you can achieve at a lesser temperature. By doing so, you’ll preserve and protect the hair. Talk your client through the process of styling, and explain to them which heat you using on their hair and why. This builds trust with your client and adds value to your service. And finally, always consider three things when selecting the right temperature to apply to the hair, such as hair type, condition, and style the client wants to achieve.

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hur.iron slant Hair Straightener

product shot of hur.slant


hur.iron Slant Hair Straightener features the new 30° slanted plates, which allow creating beachy waves, getting closer to the root and adding a little volume or texture to any straight look.


hur. iron classic Hair Straightener

Classic HUR. iron product shot

hur.iron classic Hair Straightener is a timeless styler for every day and is best used for straightening normal or fine and damaged hair types.


hur.iron wide Hair Straightener

Wide hur. Straightener

hur.iron wide Hair Straightener features 38mm plates that are wider and designed for the thickest, curliest, longest, most disruptive hair types.



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