Looking to level up your facials? Acids have fast become a staple in so many home skincare routines, with the rise of skincare fanatics like Skincare by Hyram on Tik Tok clients are taking it upon themselves to change up their routines.

So as a facialist it’s a must to start incorporating acids into your treatments, but as with anything new especially with the word ACID, it can be a little scary. But have no fear, at Salons Direct we’ve got the full rundown from professional skincare brand, mccosmetics.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about mccosmetics and incorporating acids into your facial treatments…

mccosmetics overview

Just in case you weren’t familiar, we thought we’d start off by giving you all a little background information into who mccosmetics are and what they do.

One tiny disclaimer. It’s worth noting that therapists will need to be qualified to an NVQ Level 3 Standard and above to purchase and perform treatments using these products. Baby beauty therapists, don’t worry – your time will come!

mccosmetics is an industry-leading brand in the skincare industry, who prides themselves on creating specialised professional products for skin, beauty, and wellbeing. 

When you use mccosmetics in your professional treatments, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be using innovative products that provide unbeatable results. 

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This incredible brand strives to provide professionals with the best so that they can offer their clients amazing treatments that actually work. How do you ask? mccosmetics incorporate an extensive selection of high-quality active ingredients into their collections so that a premium standard is ensured with every use. 

mccosmetics are committed to innovation, working with their experts to consistently create professional products that change the world of beauty as we know it. In addition, all collections from the brand are thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet the extremely high standard that mccosmetics set for themselves. 

Today, we’re going to be focusing on their amazing range of professional acidic facial treatments. 

mccosmetics Lactic Acid Pack 45%

The perfect treatment to recommend to clients who want to restore incredible radiance and shine back into their skin within only 4 to 6 sessions. 

The perfect treatment solution for clients who have skin issues that include:

  • Dry skin. 
  • Skin flaccidity issues. 
  •  Photo-ageing.
  •  Wrinkles. 
  •  Skin that lacks radiance and luminosity.  

The active ingredients within the mccosmetics Lactic Acid Pack work to deeply cleanse and moisturise the skin, which will then attract water molecules within the skin to the surface, stimulating ceramide synthesis.

Using this product is super easy. Professionals will need to apply the Lactic Acid using a brush and leave it to work its magic for a minute or two – and then thoroughly remove it. 

The amount of time needed will depend on the recommendation of the practitioner performing the treatment. 

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mccosmetics Glycolic Acid Pack 30%

If you’re looking for a reliable professional facial acid to solely focus on clients who have issues related to ageing, acne, and scarring – the mccosmetics Glycolic Acid Pack 30% is the perfect solution for you. 

This fantastic professional treatment product’s active ingredient is Glycolic Acid, which is proven to be extremely effective at thoroughly removing any dead skin cells from the surface layer of the skin – whilst also stimulating cellular renewal. 

If your clients are wanting to achieve a smoother, and more youthful appearance to their skin – an acidic facial using the mccosmetic Glycolic Acid is the perfect match. 

Practitioners can rest assured that the application process is easy to perform. Simply apply the Glycolic Acid using a professional brush, and let it work its magic for 1 minute – then thoroughly wipe away the solution. 

Professionals should also recommend 4 to 6 sessions in total to their clients, with one treatment every 3 weeks for the best results. 

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mccosmetics Salicylic Acid 20%

If you’re looking for a professional facial acid that will be highly effective in treating a variety of skin damage – the mccosmetic Salicyclic Acid 20% is for you. 

The mccosmetic Salicyclic Acid is successful in treating: 

  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Blemishes. 
  • Spots. 
  • Sun exposure and damage. 
  • Acne. 

The main active ingredient with the mccosmetics Salicyclic Acid (Arbutin and Salicylic Acid) is extremely effective in treating a variety of hyperpigmentation-related issues, whilst also working to eliminate any unwanted blemishes from the skin from acne or skin damage through excessive sun exposure. 

The post peeling solution will neutralise the peeling effect, whilst also successfully restoring the desired pH balance of the skin. Your clients will feel no discomfort during treatment, instead, they will experience a coolness. Results will include an envious natural glow, with visible brightness restored back into the skin. 

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mccosmetics Hyaluronic Acid

Last, but certainly not least, we have the mccosmetics Hyaluronic Acid. 

This professional product has been specially created to restore much-needed water cells back into the skin, working to restore a youthful appearance. For the best results, clients should be encouraged to have this treatment weekly.  

The mccosmetics Hyaluronic Acid is recommended for clients who want to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and/or expression lines, along with general ageing effects. This is also a great treatment for skin that is dry and dehydrated. 

The active ingredient within this mccosmetics product is Non-reticular Hyaluronic Acid, which is an effective treatment to successfully restore skin hydration, restoring collagen levels to reduce the appearance of ageing, as well as working as a highly effective preventative for trans-epidermal water loss. 

There are several methods and techniques that professionals can use to successfully deliver a variety of treatments using the mccosmetics Hyaluronic Acid. These include: 

  • Electroporation.
  • Lontophoresis.
  • Ultra-sound. 
  • Derma-rollers. 
  • Galvanic. 
  • VAC-therapy. 
  • Thermotherapy. 

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning about mccosmetics and what their professional facial acid collections can do for you. At Salons Direct, we offer an extensive variety of mccosmetics products – so be sure to check out their incredible range of products on our website!

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