Attention all hairstylists – this one is for you! Pulp Riot’s incredibly exciting range – Liquid Demis – is available at Salons Direct and the good news is…it’s here to stay 😍

You may already be familiar with Pulp Riot, and what their products can do for their work. But if you’re not – don’t worry! We have tons of information coming up to help you get fully acquainted with this fantastic brand. 

Pulp Riot’s Liquid Demi’s are truly a game-changing collection for the professional hair industry. This entirely vegan-based liquid colour collection will fully transform your work, allowing for the best possible colour results – with the stylist in full control of the finish. 

Ready to find out more? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Pulp Riot Liquid Demis collection…

Pulp Riot Liquid Demi-Permanent Colour Overview

Pulp Riot Liquid Demi-Permanent Colour is an innovative no-lift, ammonia-free acidic colour line. 

The Pulp Riot Liquid Demi-Permanent Colour is formulated with our signature complex of Quinoa, Vitamin E, Grapeseed oil, Rosemary, Avocado Oil and Sunflower Oil – to help provide conditioned results, radiant shine and translucent reflection. 

It is an acidic colour line that provides deposit-only tone across 35 beautiful cool-based shades, and also 11 colour families. Professionals can choose to either use it straight out of the bottle or intermix to create their own bespoke formulation. The choice is yours! 

Pulp Riot Liquid Demi chart

What do you use the Pulp Riot Liquid Demi range for? 

The Pulp Liquid Demi has so many different applications, making it a fantastic addition to your colour cupboard.

It’s the perfect tool for creating the most perfect lived-in looks – whether it be for blondes, vivid bright shades, or even brunettes. In addition, the collection also delivers deposit only colour, so professionals can add colour dimension and depth to any look or finish they desire. 

It’s no secret that clients are demanding fully dimensional results, where root shadows and natural-looking lowlighting techniques become incredibly important to create those Insta-worthy looks. The Liquid Demi range is the stylists answer as it enables you to work smarter, not harder, to create these technical results. 

So you’re probably wondering what techniques and/or services could the Pulp Riot Liquid Demi range be used for? And the answer is pretty much for every sought-after treatment. These include: 

  • Shadow rooting.
  • Low lighting.
  • Glossing.
  • Toning.
  • Adding dimension.
  • Colour melting.
  • Colour shifting.
  • Cancelling brassy tones. 
  • Colour refreshing.

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Why is the Pulp Riot Liquid Demi collection so special? 

Every Pulp Riot product is created by professional artists in their salon – and every product is also tested by artists who stand behind the chair and work to create the best finishes for their clients. 

All Pulp Riot products, including this collection, are always crafted specifically to meet the needs of today’s professional stylists. This way, we know that they are made to deliver a truly superior performance – every time.  

The Pulp Riot Liquid Demi collection has eliminated the issues that come with using traditional formulas. So finally, professionals can enjoy a professional liquid colour line that offers many more complementary factors to their work. These include: 

A no-drip unique liquid consistency 

Many professional liquid colours can be very runny, making the application messy, not allowing for the level of precision needed to create various desired looks. Liquid Demi’s gel liquid consistency means you can place accurately and precisely whilst also allowing for the option to use either in a bowl or a bottle. The consistency is perfect for achieving seamless colour blending, shadow rooting and adding dimension to hair lengths. 

Liquid demi product photos


Cool based and completely customisable 

Whether you want to achieve the perfect shade of blonde or a beautiful brunette tone, the cool based line of intermixable shades means you can be sure of the perfectly balanced result straight from the bottle – or alternatively, you can customise to create any bespoke shade to meet your client’s needs. The four boosters are also incredible for boosting the pigmentation in any of the shades, putting the professional in complete control of the outcome.

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Delivers transformative dimensions in just 20 minutes 

Now you can take colour from flat and dull to popping and vibrant – thanks to the power of Liquid Demi deposit-only colour. 

Use it with a bowl for speed or on a brush to get a precise shadowing application, that won’t bump the base, to add depth and dimension to any colour.

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Up to 40% grey blending. 

Clients are starting to move away from opaque coverage (even on grey tones) and towards a more natural translucent blended result. Cue Liquid Demis with up to 40% grey blending – all you’ll need to do is extend the development time to 40 minutes.

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100% Vegan Formula 

Being able to offer cruelty-free and vegan-friendly treatments in salons is essential. When you use Pulp Riot collections, you can rest assured knowing that every product is always a vegan formula – and the Liquid Demi collection is no exception.

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How to use the Pulp Riot Liquid Demi collection

  1. In a non-metallic bowl or applicator bottle – mix 1 part Liquid Demi to 1 part Liquid Demi Developer 6.7 vol. 
  2. Apply to damp or dry hair. Process for 20 minutes, without heat.
  3. Process under 20 minutes for a softer colour deposit, without heat. 
  4. Pro Tip: for grey blending –  process up to 40 minutes. 
  5. Always use the Liquid Demi 6.7 vol Developer to get the right liquid consistency.

How does the level/numbering system work?

Pulp Riot uses a universal number system for all level-based products in their ranges, including the Faction8 permanent range – making it a perfect partner of our permanent colour line.

The first number relates to the level and the second number relates to the shade family, and with 35 intermixable shades, it is a compact but complete colour system you can always rely on for fantastic results.

Pulp Riot Liquid Demi Developer

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What makes this collection different to other collections by Pulp Riot? 

Acidic colours such as Pulp Riot Liquid Demis are deposit only, which makes the range perfect for adding depth and shadowing. The collection will allow professional stylists to create those dimensional colours that are so in demand right now.

In addition, because it is a pure tone acidic colour, it will not colour any natural hair like the collections of alkaline High-Speed Toners would – making it perfect for all those shadowing techniques that give colour a modern lived-in look. 

It’s worth noting also that because it is acidic, it is also naturally ultra-conditioning – leaving the hair with a glossy, healthy-looking finish. 

Here are a few top techniques that professionals can use Liquid Demis for to take colour results up a level:

Liquid demi entire collection

1. Shadow the roots – speed up the ends 

In combination with High-Speed Toners, apply Liquid Demis to shadow the roots and lengths and then for the last five minutes of development time use our incredible High-Speed Toners to refresh those ends – creating a complete tonal transformation in just 20 minutes.

2. Dial-up and down colour easily for your clients changing needs

We all have those clients that want to transition their colour season to season. The Pulp Riot Liquid Demi collection is the perfect solution to dial-up and down any shade with its acidic technology that makes it very easy to change each time.

3. Partner with permanent colour for lengths refresh – maximising hair health

The Faction8 permanent colour line is essential for creating lasting results and root and grey coverage, but using permanent colour to refresh mid-lengths and ends can cause build-up. 

This can make it difficult to change up a client’s colour and, if the hair is sensitised or porous,  it can cause unnecessary hair damage. Liquid Demi is the answer for refreshing hair lengths during a permanent colour service. 

The Pulp Riot Liquid Demi collection contains a super conditioning acidic formula –  infused with protein-packed, porosity plugging Quinoa, to ensure that hair remains healthy and there is no colour build up.

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Pulp Riot education and professional resources

Pulp Riot UK & Ireland has the most kick-ass education and support, putting the power back in the hands of the artist. Resources include:

Tech guides

Get stuck in and start instantly with their digital technical guides. The Pulp Riot cheat sheet features the complete shade chart, instructions, mixing advice and FAQs putting all the info straight in your hands.

Free Facetime education

Professionals can book on to a completely free one-to-one with a Pulp Riot Educator who actually uses our products behind the chair. Who better to show you the ropes?

When you sign up, share the thing you want to know more about and our artists will do a completely bespoke 30-minute session to meet your needs. Get advice, formulation help, troubleshoot issues, or simply just discover Pulp Riot products for the first time.

Video education

Pulp Riot is renowned for its awesome video education tools and lucky for professionals – it’s another completely free resource, and also an easy way to get started with Liquid Demis. 

Use their video education tools to get inspired, be entertained and educated with the snackable video education created by some of the hottest Instagram artists in the industry, with UK-specific content available on Access and global content via Pulp Riot TV. We’ve included the links to help you get started with your journey: 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about everything you need to know about Pulp Riot’s amazing new collection. The Liquid Demi’s are now available here at Salons Direct, and we anticipate this is going to be a popular collection amongst professional stylists – so be sure to get yours whilst stocks last! 

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