You’ve probably seen this trend all over your Instagram and Tik Tok feed and wondered what on earth is going on?! A facial mask that covers your client’s eyes & mouth, the Casmara sounds like a dream to use on your partner when you need some peace and quiet, but these facemasks are taking the skincare industry by storm and we are here to give you the lowdown on how these masks can level up your facials.



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Benefits of the Casmara Peel-Off Masks:

Created using algae extracts blended with natural ingredients to target different skincare concerns there is a mask to suit each and every one of your clients. The jelly-like texture of the mask creates a light pressure over the skin, eyes, and mouth to help the specially formulated active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.

What does a Casmara Peel-Off Masks do?

These innovative masks lower the temperature of your skin by up to 6ºC providing an anti-swelling drainage effect a.k.a the ‘Facelift effect’, reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes in addition to firming and toning the skin, providing your clients with instant results. Due to their game-changing peel-off removal, there is no need to rinse, which reduces mess during the facial process, WINNER!

How to use Casmara Peel-Off Masks:

Now that you know all there is to know about each individual mask it’s time to get the lowdown on how to apply a peel-off mask! You might be thinking ‘what if my client’s eyebrows peel off’ and we get it they look a little crazy but trust us they aren’t as scary as they look!

  1. Empty the entire contents of the sachet (1st) GEL and sachet (2nd) POWDER into a suitable bowl.
  2. Using a spatula, preferably plastic, stir both phases together briskly for about 30 seconds, forming a smooth paste.
  3. With the same spatula apply and extend the mask on the face within about 4 minutes before it starts to set. It is possible to cover eyes and lips.
  4. Leave the mask on to act for 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Remove the mask in one piece

We’ve rounded up some of Casmara’s best selling Peel-Off Masks:


If you really want to add a luxe touch to your facials the Casmara Peel Off Gold Mask 2080 contains 24-carat gold dust, along with mineral and seaweed extracts that revitalise and remineralise the skin.

This mask is perfect for:

  • Improving vitality and tone
  • Revitalising and firming
  • Intense moisturising
  • Suitable for all skin types

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For clients that crave a youthful glow, the Casmara Goji Mask 2070 contains extracts of goji berries and quinoa seeds that create an antioxidant and stimulating effect on the skin. This blend of natural ingredients helps to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier leaving a renewed and revitalised glow.  Quinoa supplies the skin with proteins and a balanced mixture of amino acids for a high content of B-group vitamins which keeps the skin healthy with a youthful appearance. Goji berries have key components that are essential for a healthy skin condition allowing it to look more rested, with renewed strength.

This mask is perfect for:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Improving skin condition
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Perfect all year round

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SOOTHING & VITAMINIC Sensitive Mask 2040

For clients with sensitive skin and sufferers of couperose (a vascular condition that affects both large and small blood vessels and appears as localised redness in specific areas especially the nose and cheeks), the Casmara Sensitive Mask 2040 helps to soothe and reduce redness. These facial masks are bursting with natural ingredients like violet essence, oats and seaweed extract that help to improve the quality and firmness of the skin. This mask is perfect for working into your microneedling treatments to soothe and repair the skin post-treatment.

This mask is perfect for:

  • Sensitive skin
  • Repairing the skins natural barrier
  • Reducing redness
  • Soothing

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Add value to your peels and exfoliating treatments with the Regenerating & Anti-Irritant RGnerin packed full of linseed and aloe vera extract this mask soothes and softens the skin whilst regenerating skin cells for a smoother, more even skin tone.

This mask is perfect for:

  • Post peel & exfoliation treatments
  • Soothing
  • Evening out skin tone
  • Moisturising

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Detox your client’s skin with the Casmara Detoxifying and Moisturizing Reaffirming Mask 2020. Diatoms and marine algae extract provides excellent hydration and facial muscle toning due to its spectacular cold effect. This mask is capable of retaining impurities and catabolic substances derived from cellular functions making it the perfect choice for clients suffering from oily skin, open pores, and acne.

This mask is perfect for:

  • Acne-prone skin
  • Oily skin types
  • Dilated pores
  • Detoxifying

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Bursting with moisturising properties like marine algae extract and glucose the NOVAnew Mask 2045 restores the skin’s hydration balance leaving your client’s skin moisturised and glowing! Perfect for all skin types and a great all-round mask to provide visible results after just one treatment.

This mask is perfect for:

  • Dry/Dehydrated skin
  • Improving moisture
  • All skin types

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What the professional’s say:

Check out IG beauty queen @beautyfulbylauren’s client, mid-luxury facial soaking in the moisture of the  Casmara MOISTURIZING NOVAnew Mask 2045 


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We caught up with Lauren from @beautyfulbylauren to find out why her and her clients love Casmara Peel Off Masks:

Why do you love the Casmara Peel Off Masks?

I love the masks because they are easy to apply and come off in seconds. No messing around with wiping off at the end of a relaxing treatment.

Which Casmara mask do your customers love the most?

My customers LOVE the gold mask! It has the real luxury factor and it looks amazing on social media.

What’s your favourite mask?

I love the sensitive mask. It’s really soothing after a facial – especially dermaplaning. It smells amazing too!

How do you use the mask?

I mix them together in a ceramic dish or plastic bowl and use a spatula to apply all over. I start at the forehead, then the eyes, leaving the mouth until last, making sure they are comfortable for me to cover it. I then leave them to relax for 15/20 minutes whilst it sets. While the mask is setting I love to do a hand and arm massage, it makes my clients super relaxed and adds a luxury touch to their treatment.

How do you include them in your service?

I add them on in place of my normal facial mask or add them at the end of a dermaplaning facial.

How much extra do you charge for the luxury service?

I charge an extra £10 for the mask and 95% of my clients chose the luxury option purely down to the Casmara masks. They have been a real game-changer for my business! I wouldn’t use any other mask!


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