Orly Epix Flexible Color is a new category for nails!

Extended Wear
  • Extends the life of your manicure up to a week.
  • 75% longer wear than traditional manicures.

Our innovative shock absorbent Smudge-Fixing Technology contains polymers, allowing the formula to remain elastic and flex with the nail. This causes the finish of the manicure to bounce back, making smudges a thing of the past. It will not self-repair large smudges or dents.
Orly Epix

Easy On / Easy Off
  • Applies and removes 85% faster than gels.
  • Each bottle has a Flat Stem 600 Bristle Brush designed to fit the cuticle and ensure an easy one-stroke application.
  • Each bottle has an EPIX Patented Gripper Cap for easy opening and precision application.
  • No lamp needed to dry. No intense removal needed either, removes like traditional nail lacquer.
High Shine:

A gel-like high-shine finish that lasts for the duration of the manicure.

Dry time:
  • Easier and faster to apply than traditional lacquer or gels, and dries to a high-shine finish in less than 8 minutes.
  • Dries 60% faster than traditional manicures.
Let’s spell it out in numbers:
  • 75% longer wear than traditional manicures
  • 85% faster removal time than gels
  • 76% faster application time than traditional manicures
  • 60% faster dry time than traditional manicures (less than 8 minutes)

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