What’s in a name? Quite a lot with these funny salon names we have found!

From the hairbrained to the truly out of control, these salons really went a cut above with creativity when they thought these up! Whether their puns make you groan or laugh out loud, there’s no denying that these hair salons stand out of the crowd.

Take a look at them below, and leave us a comment with any you have seen that we have missed!

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We’ve come across some hilarious salon names, we just have to share them with you!!

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Do you have one we’ve missed out that you’d love to share?! Comment below….


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Funny Salon Names

  1. Hair Boutique
  2. Illegally Blonde
  3. Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Salon
  4. Bang Tidy Hair
  5. Heads & Tails
  6. Pit Stop Barbershop
  7. Ahead of Time
  8. Hair & Beyond
  9. Curl Up & Dye
  10. Crops & Bobbers
  11. Oooh Girl Who Did You Hair Salon
  12. Cut-N-Edge Barbershop
  13. The Mane Attraction
  14. British Hairways
  15. Eclips Hair
  16. Cut the Crap
  17. Million Hairs
  18. Scissors Palace
  19. Jack of all Fades
  20. Time of the Essence Salon
  21. Get Nailed