Copper Light

Pockets of light and depth are created by combining warm and cool tones on a copper base. The Jane Birkin inspired 60’s cut is modernised with a shorter fringe.


Complexity: Mid
Colour placement: V section

Colour Formulas:
A – Blondor Freelights + Freelights Developer 12%
B – Illumina color 7/43 + Welloxon Perfect 6%
C – Illumina color 7/81 + Welloxon Perfect 6%


Step 1: Divide the hair into 4 sections. Starting at the back, take diagonal sections and cut to the desired length. Continue up and all the way around until complete.

Step 2: Take out a triangular section at the front of the fringe.

Step 3: Take horizontal sections, over-direct to the centre and cut to create a curved fringe.

Step 4: Once the fringe is cut, elevate the hair up and texturise with texturising scissors. Check the shape after styling and define further.


Step 1: Start at the back taking a V-section: working in a freehand technique, apply colour A to the mid-lengths and the ends only.

Step 2: Continue working around the sides and the top section to complete the technique. Once sufficient lift is achieved, rinse, shampoo and neutralise. Blow-dry the hair.

Expert Tip: To create levels of light and shade, personalise your colour placement considering the end style – so the colours reflect lightness and varied movements.

Step 3: Create the same V-sections as before. Starting at the back, take diagonal slices and work in a freehand technique – applying colour B to the mid-lengths and colour C to the ends. On the next section apply colour C to the mid-lengths only.

Step 4: Continue working up and around alternating the colours. Working with the cut, leave some sections out – personalising your placement until complete. Develop and remove the colour in the normal manner.


Step 1: Prep the hair with EIMI Perfect Setting and EIMI Ocean Spritz. Layer the products and distribute evenly throughout the hair.

Step 2: Start at the front side, take horizontal sections. Blow-dry using a small round brush, wrapping the hair around the brush and gently twisting and then pulling through.

Expert Tip: The twist and pull technique when blow-drying, creates a soft brush set movement.

Step 3: As you work through to the back with the same technique, use a larger round brush. Continue until complete. FInish with EIMI Stay Styled.