In the past year, we’ve introduced some of the hair world’s biggest names to our range here at Salons Direct – so, we know that the world renowned Fudge Professional will be right at home!

Yes, now stocked online is the iconic hair care and hair colour brand that prides itself on breaking the rules. From the phenomenal Fudge Headpaint conditioning colour to industry celebrated toning shampoos, this is the range for hairdressers and stylists who demand impactful results.

Not sure where to start with Fudge Professional? We spoke to Global Brand Ambassadors, Jonathan Andrew and Tracey Hayes, to help you get to know Fudge’s best products…

Hi Tracey & Jonathan! Can you introduce the Fudge Professional brand for those who aren’t familiar with it?

Tracy: Fudge Professional’s aim is to offer a comprehensive range of unique and on-trend products which support the needs of the professional both in the salon and for the ‘on the go’ hairdresser and for their clients with a unique styling range who want to experiment with their style at home.

Jonathan: Fudge is a unique brand that puts the needs of the hairdresser first and it is open to everyone, our ethos is to #fudgetherules because we believe in challenging the status quo and allowing individuality to shine through, regardless of your hair focus. Always championing people to use the brand as a tool to create whatever they can dream up and support it all the way.

What makes the Fudge range of products perfect for hairdressers and stylists?

Tracy: Fudge Professional Colour range Headpaint is completely unique as it has a dual system technology that will bring you unlimited colour possibilities. It is ideal for the colour specialist looking for an exceptionally versatile and easy to use range consisting of 86 shades.

With Headpaint, you can create both demi and permanent colours. The Headpaint crème colour formula is easy to mix and apply, providing 100% coverage and the added benefit of Triple Conditioning Complex which will leave the hair soft and manageable and a boost of natural shine.

Jonathan: The Fudge professional range is the perfect addition to any kitbag because it ticks all boxes for any needs and wants of the professional and the client. It’s a comprehensive range that allows the stylist to really focus on the look and the technique without worrying about the product performance.

The range is constantly evolving with new innovations coming all the time. We’re making sure we stay ahead of the curve and filling gaps in the kitbag essentials, often bringing the product you didn’t know you needed until you tried it.

Which products would you recommend to hairdressers who are new to Fudge Professional?

Jonathan: For me I always have some essentials with me at all times. I spend time not only in the salon but on the road working in many different scenarios, so it is important that I have the right products that can cover the widest range of wants and needs.

I always have some Blow Dry Aqua Primer as it’s one of our newest innovations. It’s so versatile and depending on the look I’m try to achieve, I will use it with…

For men, I always carry some Matte Hed Mouldable. I also recommend the Aqua Shine Serum, another innovative product that can be used in wet or dry hair to add shine.

Tracy:  For the professional colourist, the Clean Blonde Speed+ Lightener and of course the Catalyst Crème Developers which are enriched with a moisturising oil complex.

Fudge Professional Speed + Powder Lightener

Can you give us some more information on Fudge Headpaint – do you have any expert tips on how to use it for best results?

Tracy: Headpaint is a versatile and easy to use range of professional colours. The range is all inter-mixable to achieve your perfect shade. Fudge uses the standard ICC numbering system which is easy to follow, and always follow the mixing guidelines to achieve your desired colour.

When using Damage Rewind Shampoo & Damage Rewind Conditioner you will maintain shade integrity & vibrancy between salon visits for up to 30 washes.

We know more and more clients are looking for toning services! Can you tell us more about which Fudge products are best for perfecting hair tone?

Tracy: Fudge Professional’s Headpaint range has 5 unique toners as well as 3 Gel Toners. These toners range from icy cool blondes and soft greys to nude and rose tone – everything to achieve your perfect toner! They ideal to use for an all over bleach blonde or to freshen up highlights or balayage.

In addition, the Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo is the perfect take home product for your client to keep their blonde hair looking fresh in between colour appointments. It’s a toning shampoo that knocks out brassiness in an instant. In fact, it’s the strongest purple shampoo on the market! Clients can use it once a week with the conditioner to maintain their colour and hair strength with Fudge’s unique opti-PLEX technology.

For brunettes, there is the Cool Brunette Blue Toning Shampoo which works to erase orange and red tones in darker, brown hair.

Fudge Professional Clean BLonde and Cool Brunette Shampoo

What are your best selling styling products and shampoos – why do you think they are so popular?

Jonathan: Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo is the jewel in our crown; it’s the strongest purple shampoo on the market and is recommended by 97% of UK hairdressers – we sell gallons and gallons of it every year!

Tracy: Damage Rewind Shampoo & Conditioner is perfect to use for colour treated hair and will keep colour locked from fading for 30 washes. It contains Opti-Plex technology which will give you stronger hair instantly and will leave the hair smoother and softer.


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How do you make sure Fudge Professional keeps up with the latest hair trends?

Jonathan: At Fudge we look at ourselves as constant content creators. Everyone, from product development to marketing, is in constant contact. This  means that whatever idea, not matter how big or small, is discussed and, if needed, developed. This allows us great insight into the latest trends that allows us to stay up to date and ready for anything.

Tracy: We are proud that we work closely in our Fudge Family. With each new campaign, we discuss and share with our team and look to our customers to hear what they are wanting to be inspired and to buy into the Fudge creativity.

What does the future hold for Fudge Professional?

Jonathan: Continued innovation. Our history has always been built on bringing new and exciting things to the market and not only are we constantly honing and perfecting our range, but also our content. With things like ‘In The Chair’, our mini series focussing on brining the client stylist relationship to the screen, we can bring our brand message to more people. Featuring some famous faces, we also share tips, tricks and the many benefits of the Fudge range.


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These initiatives and our constantly evolving digital presence will continue to grow in some new and exciting ways. We are always working and we have some very exciting things to come so watch this space!

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