So you’re going grey? Well whether you’re 18 or 80 it happens to us all ‚Äì so instead of focusing on the negatives let’s look at the facts!

Grey Hair Texture

The cause of grey hair comes from the hair follicle no longer producing melanin, which is our hair’s natural pigment. But going grey isn’t just about losing your colour, we have hair dye for that, it’s all about the change in texture. Grey hair is usually quite coarse, making it difficult to manage; hair can feel rough, fly-away, and hard to style, but because this is not actually the condition of your hair, regular conditioning treatments aren’t all that effective. Keratin treatments are highly recommended for grey hair as they will relax the shaft of the hair so it can be styled.

Hair Colour

Once going grey you have two choices, embrace your natural hair and become a silver siren or colour your beloved mane. Although some women can look fantastic with grey hair, they’re usually blessed with beautiful skin and a bright eye colour, therefore nine times out of 10 hairdressers would advise against grey hair, as a woman matures, a colour next to the skin is much more flattering than what is effectively colourless hair. Most permanent hair colours are now designed to cover 100% grey hair, therefore you should not struggle finding a colour that suits you.

Thin Hair

If ¬†losing colour isn’t frustrating enough, women can also find themselves thinning as they get older. Using volumising products will cosmetically change hair by swelling the hair shaft, making it feel thicker and more manageable. Wella Nioxin is also a brilliant product to combat this.

Short Hair or Long Hair?

There are generally no rules as to whether you should keep your length or go for a chop depending on your age. However, hair is a confidence advocate so getting it right is important for the client. It’s about making the hair look its best by keeping the body and shaping it to what suits the client. A good colour and nice condition will make you look gorgeous any age. and keeping the length usually adds instant glamour.