We’ve put our hair through a lot through the ages!

From tight pin curls to long flowing locks, bleach blonde bombshells to shimmery highlights, there is always something new in the world of hair – that’s why we love it so much!

So, to keep the inspiration flowing, we put together this timeline of the history of hair! Take a look at how our ‘dos have adapted throughout the decades – with help from some of the eras’ biggest icons…which one is your favourite?

The History Of Hair timeline infographic by decade from 1920s to 2000s


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The History of Hair


In the twenties, the trend was to have really short hair. The blunt black bob was a hit, especially among the young flapper girls.


Louise Brooks
Pola Negri
Gloria Swanson


In the 30s femininity came back into hairstyles. The hair was longer but usually not over shoulder length, and women started curling their hair. Finger waves were the trends, but we also saw sausage curls and pin curls. Hats were also a big trend.


Ginger Rogers
Marlene Dietrich
Mae West


The trend of longer hair kept going, some women even had hair past their shoulders. Most women wore snoods (fashionable hair nets). Most women only washed their hair once a week to maintain their curls for as long as possible.


Judy Garland
Bette Davis
Rita Hayworth


The fifties were more about glamour and femininity. Straight hair was a no-no, nearly all women curled their hair. Ponytails were finished off with a cute ribbon, especially with teenagers, and the poodle cut was introduced.


Marilyn Monroe
Audrey Hepburn
Elizabeth Taylor


In the 60s the trends included such things as beehives, long tousled waves and pixie cuts.


Mia Farrow
Brigitte Bardot


Long hair with a centre part was one of the most characteristic hairstyles of the 70s. Big wavy hair was also popular, this required a lot of hairspray and a blow drier.


Farrah Fawcett
Debbie Harry
Jane Fonda


The keyword for 80s hair was BIG. Crimping irons were used excessively and there was a lot of crimping going on, for females as well as males.


Cyndi Lauper
George Michael


The decade of the supermodels, sexy hair and of course, ‘The Rachel’.


Jennifer Aniston
Princess Diana
Kate Moss


The 2000s don’t really have a distinct style. It’s more of a mixture of everything we’ve seen throughout the years. Recently the ombre look and pastel coloured hair has been popular.


Drew Barrymore
Cheryl Cole