Here at Salons Direct we like to think we’re a veritable wax haven that can cater to everyone from dedicated beauty salons to mobile beauty therapists that offer waxing treatments. Our recent interview with the wonderful Cynthia Chua from the Ministry of Waxing got us thinking that waxing really is something that we should cover more on the blog.

Attitudes Towards Waxing Have Changed


One thing that really came across in our interview with Cynthia was that attitudes towards waxing have changed, and it’s incredibly important that any waxing businesses (whether bricks and mortar or mobile) recognise this.

No longer is it seen as a treatment that is purely about hair removal, but these days it’s seen as another form of pampering and of enhancing certain areas of the body. In terms of making a woman feel beautiful, waxing can be just as impactful as a new hairstyle or a facial treatment.

Not only this, but data from Google shows that interest in waxing is now higher than ever, especially here in the UK.

UK Waxing Trends

Cosmopolitan has also just released a list of the bikini wax trends for summer 2017 that your clients are sure to be asking for soon:

The Au Natural:

This one doesn’t need much explaining…there’s nothing wrong with growing it out.

Bikini Line Touch Up:

Likely to be requested by the first time waxer that isn’t sure what she’s letting herself in for…a slightly more refined version of the Au Natural that is quick and easy.

Full Bikini Line Wax:

If you’re including this as a treatment, most clients commonly refer to it as the standard bikini line – it still embraces the natural look but with a little more taken off the top and sides.

Woman waxing

French Wax – The Landing Strip:

For the client that wants to be smooth without feeling too exposed, the French wax is the ideal option. The majority of hair is taken from the front and the sides, but the middle is generally left alone (and can even be customised for the more creatively inclined).

The Bermuda Triangle:

A variation of the Brazilian wax (completely hairless), the Bermuda Triangle resembles the traditional bikini line but leaves the client with nothing but a tidy triangle of hair.

The Desert Island:

Another variation of the Brazilian, this option leaves your client with a smaller floating triangle on the pubic bone that resembles, you guessed it, a desert island.

The Love Heart:

For those clients that are truly romantic at heart, the love heart is an ever popular bikini line which will rely on you cleverly shaping the pubic hair into a heart shape.

The Hollywood:

The complete removal of all hair…you might need to ask the client to form some pretty unusual shapes just so you can get into all those tricky nooks and crannies.

So with all that said, now is an exciting time to be involved in the waxing industry…and luckily, Salons Direct can help you get all the products you need to do a great job for your clients.


Waxing Essentials At Salons Direct


At Salons Direct, one of the most popular ranges is our exclusive Lotus Essentials waxing range, which our customers just love. The smooth and improved waxing experience that can be achieved using Lotus is guaranteed to leave your clients feeling delighted with their treatment.

Lotus Creme Wax:

With a lower working temperature than traditional soft wax, it is smooth, easy to use, less sticky than honey wax for hair removal and, perhaps most importantly, it offers a more comfortable, luxurious waxing experience for your clients. Creme Wax also protects against redness and inflammation while moisturising the skin and leaving it silky smooth.

Lotus Hot Film Wax

If you’re looking for something that makes those stubborn hairs easier to remove, then Lotus Hot Film Wax could be the perfect option. Film wax is melted to a thicker consistency than warm wax, and it works by grilling the hairs tightly as it cools and becomes harder.

Lotus After Wax

The Lotus After Wax range consists of lotion and oil, which are perfect for removing any wax post treatment, and will also help sooth and moisturise the skin for your client so they finish the treatment in supreme comfort.

You can shop a huge range of hair removal essentials online at Salons Direct, and when you do you’ll also benefit from our great prices and free UK delivery options.

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