With more and more professional salon brands putting sustainability at the forefront of their business agenda, here at Salons Direct we love to see what our favourite brands are doing to support more sustainable initiatives. Here we take a look at the progress L’Oreal Professional is making within the sustainability conversation in 2022.

How L’Oréal Are Working On Their Sustainability In 2022

Sustainability continues to be a journey for us all and in 2020 L’Oréal launched L’Oréal For The Future outlining commitments toward 2030. L’Oréal continues to drive forward with big 2030 commitments in respecting planetary boundaries, empowering business communities to make sustainable changes as well as supporting urgent social and environmental needs.

Some progress highlights so far include:

  • 81% – The amount L’Oréal reduced C02 emissions in their plants and distribution centres since 2005.
  • 85% of L’Oréal Professional products are manufactured in carbon-neutral factories.
  • 95% of L’Oréal Professional products manufactured in Europe are made in water loop plants.

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Tell us about the ‘Hairstylists For The Future’ Programme?

As part of L’Oréal For The Future, L’Oréal Professional Products have launched Hairstylists For The Future, a programme that supports salons and industry professionals on their sustainability journey and leverages their influence around sustainable choices for their clients and communities too. L’Oréal Professional Products Hairstylists For The Future programme focuses on 5 key areas to support all salons and stylists in having a greater positive environmental impact.

What are your Hairstylists For The Future commitments?

L’Oréal Professional Products Hairstylists For The Future programme focuses on 5 key areas to support all salons and stylists in having a greater positive environmental impact.

1. Managing Water Sustainably

There are many ways salons and stylists can help to reduce water waste. One effective measure is to introduce water-saving showerheads at the backwash.

2. Preserving Natural Resources

L’Oréal has partnered with Green Salon Collective, which helps their salons sustainably manage their waste. GSC recycle hair, used foils, empty colour tubes, PPE, plastic, paper and even salon towels.

3. Fighting Climate Change

L’Oréal Professional Products have partnered with an Energy Broker to support salons in reducing their environmental impact by exploring options with renewable energy providers. Switching to renewable energy can make a big difference to a salon’s carbon footprint.

4. Designing Sustainable Salon Spaces

L’Oréal Professional Products have partnered with specialist design architects to help salons create sustainable settings. There may be quick sustainable changes that salons can make to their design, finishes and materials.

5. Building a Community of Sustainability Advocates

Salons and stylists play a big role in the community and have the power to positively impact their client’s sustainable choices. L’Oréal Access is L’Oréal’s 24/7 online learning platform where salons and stylists can find the sustainability Savvy Toolkit and educational videos to enhance their knowledge.

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Who is Green Salon Collective?

Green Salon Collective was founded by environmental experts, hairdressers and eco campaigners. They recycle, compost and recover waste, with 100% of any profit made from the recycling process getting redistributed and recycled too by supporting hairdressing charities & local communities. With Green Salon Collective’s recycling system, they will recycle almost every single piece of salon waste and turn it into something new.

How can Green Salon Collective repurpose waste?

Green Salon Collective find circular solutions for all salon waste including used foils, empty colour tubes, PPE, Plastic, paper and even salon towels. You can start with hair, metal and general waste to energy and then add on other waste streams later on.

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