There’s no denying that the year 2020 brought some serious challenges with it for the hair and beauty industry.

However, while nobody is quite sure what the next year holds, it perhaps won’t be quite as unexpected.

So as we enter a new year, the question is – exactly how do you plan your salon business now?

Set some goals for the year

The start of the year is a great time to plan out some new goals. Thinking up number-based targets are often what we first have in mind, as they give us something concrete to aim for. They also have the most noticeable benefit to your business.

These goals could be things like…

However, don’t just be led by numbers. Consider non-financial goals as well that can have just as much benefit for both your business and your team.

It might be things like…

  • Improve communication within the salon team
  • Attend more training sessions
  • Give your salon a fresh new brand
  • Grow your social media presence

Either way, once you have made a goal for the year, don’t just let it sit there. You now have to plan how you are going to make it happen.

So for example, if you want to grow your social media, devote a certain amount of time each week to creating content. Have an aim for how many updates a week you are going to post and stick to it.

If you want more clients, again, turn this goal into actions. Add new marketing tactics into your yearly plan or allocate more money towards advertising. However you want to do it, be sure to make it happen.

Try not to set yourself too many goals, either. Focus on what you think is most important to your business without spreading yourself too thinly.

Make a financial plan

A solid financial plan for the year ahead should be the absolute backbone of your salon business.

After the experiences of 2020, you might be rethinking the importance of savings. While investing back into your business might always have been a priority, having a rainy day fund might now feel like a very sensible option.

This year, make a plan for both the best case scenario and the worst case scenario. You’ve now seen the effect lockdowns have on your business, so you now know what to expect if it happens again.

But, don’t let this hold you back. If you’ve made it through the toughest of times, let that be proof of just how strong your business is. You might need to sift through your finances extra carefully for the year ahead, but don’t completely cast aside any plans for growth or expansion. Keep your long term vision in mind and think about how to get back on the path to it.

If you want some more advice, see our full guide on how to set a salon financial plan that works.

Plan your marketing strategy

Marketing is often one of those things that ends up getting pushed down the list of your priorities – especially when your profit is being squeezed.

If your approach to marketing your salon feels a little like taking shots in the dark, why not make this year the year you finally make than plan?

By planning your marketing strategy well in advance, you will be doing yourself a huge favour. It can be tempting to cut marketing out of your budget when times get tough, but it will be essential in getting as many people back through your door as possible.

Set yourself up some time at the start of the year to really get a good understanding of what marketing you have done in previous years and how well it worked. This could be…

  • Emails you’ve sent out
  • Offers you’ve promoted
  • Money you’ve spent on advertising
  • Social media engagement
  • Website visits

Find out what has worked well and plan more of it. Look for areas that could be improved and make changes.

Put together a calendar for the year ahead and highlight your key seasons and promotional opportunities. Have everything in place now so you can be sure nothing slips through the cracks when you get busier later in the year.

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Share your vision with your team

As a salon owner, you should have a clear vision for what you want your business to be.

Once you have set out some goals and plans for the year ahead, share this with your team. Afterall, it is them who are going to help you achieve all of this.

You’ll need to communicate to all of your staff what you’d like them to focus on with you and what the business priorities are. Plan how you are going to support them to help them achieve this with you, whether that is through training, development plans or KPIs.

What’s more, have a think about where they will fit into this plan. Consider all of their personal development and growth ambitions, then how they can benefit the business.

For example, you could have a member of the team who is keen on developing their creative colour techniques, while one of your goals is to attract new clients. This could fit nicely into your yearly plan.

Or, you might decide you need more managerial help and have a stylist who is ready to step up to more responsibilities.

Plan for the year ahead where you see your team members going plus any opportunities for promotions. This is important to keep your staff feeling motivated and loyal – the last thing you want is to lose some of your best team members this year!

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