For clients with brunette hair that may have gone brassy with orange undertones, or blonde hair clients who are finding their hair is looking yellow between colour services, there is a solution. Here, Nicola Chamberlain from L’Oréal Professional shares her top tips on helping clients with hair levels 5-10 to banish brassiness with L’Oréal Professional Chroma Crème. This professional range of targeted shampoos provides colour correction and care whilst neutralising any unwanted warm reflects.

How To Remove Brassiness With L’Oréal Professional Chroma Crème

Chroma Crème is a range of professional neutralising cream shampoos made with exclusive innovative technology. These tailored dyes help to neutralise unwanted warm reflects, but are now available in L’Oréal Professional’s most caring formula. This is due to the co-emulsion technology with 10x smaller caring agents targeting the most damaged and porous areas.

  • Purple will help to neutralise yellow reflects on blonde to platinum blonde.
  • Blue will help to neutralise orange reflects on light to medium brown hair.

The Chroma Crème range has a creamy formula that instantly neutralises unwanted warm reflects. This leaves the client’s hair feeling soft and provides it with radiant and shining colour.

The science of Colour Correction

Freshly coloured hair contains a mix of primary colour dyes. After a few washes, some of the dyes fade. Yellow, orange reflects reappear. To correct unwanted warmth, choose the right colour correction

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When should you use L’Oreal Professional Chroma Creme?

Whenever unwanted warm reflects appear, starting 2 weeks after your clients colour service. It’s recommended to use L’Oreal Chroma Crème in alliance with Metal Detox for the ultimate colour maintenance.


What the professionals have to say:

“Chroma Crème has the ability to counteract a wide range of undertones, but also deposit more dyes into the hair for shinier hair. Chroma Crème formula feels like a shampoo with a soft, velvety texture when it is applied. Yet, after rising the hair, feels like a treatment or mask was conditioning the hair.”

 Drew Schaefering. Mobile hairstylist & L’Oréal Professionnel artist.

“Chroma Crème provides an even colour correction, cosmeticity and shine. My clients loved that they did not have to use a mask after Chroma Crème.”

– Pierrick Béringer. Color & Balayage expert.


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