Blondes are always a client favourite! Dimensional looks are trending, with low-lighting and root smudges a must-have to create the lived-in looks that are taking over on Instagram!

However, no blonding look is complete without the perfect hair toner. That’s why here at Salons Direct we are loving the NEW Redken Shades EQ Gloss Violet Gold collection.

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What are the NEW Shades EQ Violet Gold toners?



Redken’s NEW Shades EQ Violet Gold Family are formulated with part violet and part golden reflects on a brown to tan background. This is ideal for helping you create the baby blonde look your clients will love!

The new shades are pre-mixed, so you can create sun-kissed & iridescent blonde colour without any mixing!

These new blonde toners are available on a level 8 to 10 (010VG Baby, 09VG Iridescence and 08VG Gilded Taupe), so are perfect for toning your blonde boss techniques.

We asked Brittanié, owner of @b_hairretreat, for her expert tips on how to master blended dimensional blondes…

Any top tips you want to share when creating dimensional blonde balayage?

Here is how I achieved the below result:

1. Foil Stitches: Micro slices + wide skip slice + tip out using Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 20vol Pro-oxide for the foiling and with 40vol Pro-oxide for the tip out.
2. Money Piece: Weave one section & slice 3 consecutive sections. Alternating back to back slices & back to back wide skip slices through the parting.
3. Tip Out: Work diagonally off the parting, 2-3 slices to one wide skip slice and then tipped out every 3 foils. When tipping out your sections, ensure you saturate the hair focusing on the tips, then balayage towards the mid length.
4. Foil diagonally from the nape using all slices, every few foils take a horizontal skip slice in the centre of the head to connect. Last 3-5 foils on crown place skip slices horizontally.
5. Zone Tone & Color Melt: NEW Shades EQ Violet Gold 08VG, 09VG + 010VG

What are your top tips when creating dimensional blonde balayage?

Ensure you’re taking fine sections for your slices and skip slices – the section should be see-through on foil.

To achieve the most optimal lift, saturate your sections and start with a low volume developer, 10-20 volume peroxide.

Redken Pro-Oxide Cream Developer

Redken Pro-Oxide Cream Developer

What is your favourite lightener to use?

Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside! I believe lifting low and slow is the way to go for a clean and even lift, while maintaining the integrity of the hair.

What do you love about the NEW Shades EQ Violet Gold toners?

They’re super creamy! The colour is bright and balanced, thanks to the secondary gold tone. I always add an element of warmth into my blonde formulas, which is why the Shades EQ Violet Gold collection are great as they are already intermixed!

Why do you love using Shades EQ?

Shades EQ has been a game changer for me and has totally elevated my work. The shades are beautiful and intermixable, which is great for creating unique customised tones for my clients.

Why should every colourist try Shades EQ?

It’s ammonia free, which is gentle on the hair and offers zero lift. Shades EQ also has the most incredible shine! I sometimes even use the Shades EQ Crystal Clear as a standalone service just for clients who want a shine boost.

Redken Shades EQ Gloss Before & After

What are your must-try Shades EQ tones?

Shades EQ 09AA Papaya! I always add a capful to my blonde formulas for a bright and beachy tone. Shades EQ 07M Driftwood is my go-to for root shadows, as this shade perfectly mimics a natural level 7.

Any top tips for first time Shades EQ users?

1. You’ll hear this one a lot- TRUST THE PROCESS. It is totally normal for Shades EQ to develop extremely dark. Do not worry, you’ll be amazed how much lighter it dries. I reassure my clients that the darker tone is normal, so they don’t panic while processing!
2. It’s important to process for the full 20 minutes on dry hair for best results.
3. Remember Shades EQ is sheer, think of it as a lip gloss for the hair.

Now check out these Redken Recipes for gorgeous lived in blondes…

Redken Recipe:
• Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 20vol Pro Oxide
• Root Shadow: Shades EQ 07M Driftwood + 07P Mother of Pearl
• Hairline Tap: Shades EQ 08N Mojave
• Gloss: Shades EQ 010N Delicate Natural + 010P Ivory Pearl + 010Gi Tahitian Sand

Redken Recipe:
* Shadow: Shades EQ 07M Driftwood + 06N Moroccan Sand
* Hair-line: Shades EQ 08N Mojave
* Gloss: Shades EQ 010GI Tahitian Sand + 09P Opal Glow + capful 9AA Papaya


Ready to get blonding? Shop the full Redken Shades EQ range online now with Salons Direct!

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