In Spring 2022, we will see the iconic 90’s Golden Blonde return. In the last 12 months, there has been a 350% rise in Google searches for Honey Blonde Hair”.  Warm blondes are back! And if you want to help your clients achieve these sun-drenched tones look no further than Redken’s latest bonded glosses NEW Shades EQ Bonder Inside Golden BlondesThis intelligent all-in-one toner + bonder has an acidic formula to help protect strength whilst adding bright honey tones.


Luminous, warm glossy, and beachy-blonde tones dominate our social feeds, and we’re ready to warm things up.


Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside Golden Blondes Range



Redken’s NEW Golden level 10 blonde toners deliver a soft, golden reflect and boost light reflectivity on all hair types & textures. 

The new level 10 shades are:

  • 010G – Lemon Icing. Perfect for a soft, buttery blonde.
  • 010WG – Iced Pina. For an ultra-warm, honey blonde.
  • 010NW – Honey Gold. Redken’s newest shade family for a warm, balanced blonde.

Why top colourists love NEW Shades EQ Bonder Inside Golden Blondes



“I LOVED using the new shades. If you’re looking for golden hues that add insane shine and balance to your client’s colour, these shades are for you.”


– Tia Lambourn @tialambourn_hair




“The new Golden Blondes deliver the perfect glow that every blonde deserves! 010WG is my go-to for that perfect sparkle that every blonde desires.”


 – Emily Mander @emilymanderhair

GET THE LOOK: Golden Hour Blonde Face Frame by Tia Lambourn

  • Face frame in foils 
  • Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 20 vol Pro Oxide  
  • Low light: Shades EQ 30g 07GB + 5g 08GG + Processing Solution 
  • Alternating Lowlight: Shades EQ 10g 08GG + 2g 07GB + Processing Solution 
  • Root Shadow: Shades EQ equal parts 07N + 07GB + Processing Solution 
  • Hair Line Root shadow: Shades EQ equal parts 08N + 09GB + Processing Solution 
  •  Front Hair Line: Shades EQ Bonder Inside equal parts 010NW + 010G + Processing Solution 
  • Gloss: Shades EQ Bonder Inside 7g 010NW + 7g 010G +15g Crystal Clear + Processing Solution 
  • Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo + Acidic Concentrates Treatment + Acidic Bonding Concentrate Conditioner 

Watch Tia’s golden blonde technique in action

All your questions answered about Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside

What is the tonal breakdown of the new level 10 shades?

  • 010NW: Gold + brown to tan background (.03)
  • 010G: Yellow + brown to tan background (.3)
  • 010WG: Yellow/Orange + brown to tan background (.33)

Who are the Shades EQ Bonder Inside for?

Shades EQ Bonder Inside can be used for all hair types and textures. It is a premium range specialized for clients with sensitized hair.

Can you mix Shades EQ and Shades EQ Bonder Inside Together?

Yes, you can mix the two technologies together, however, the bonding effect will be diminished.

Should I use an additive with Shades EQ Bonder Inside?

Given Shades EQ Bonder Inside contains a built-in bonding agent, additional bonding additives are not necessary.

Can I mix the Golden 10’s shades with Shades EQ Bonder Inside 000 Crystal Clear?

Yes, the new Shades EQ Bonder Inside Golden 10’s shades can be mixed with Shades EQ Bonder Inside 000 Crystal Clear. This will dilute the toning effect and provide a sheer result.

Are the new level 10 shades available in Shades EQ Gloss? 

No, the new Level 10 shades are only available in Shades EQ Bonder Inside.

Trust the process!

Shades EQ can appear dark when developing because the formula is made up of a combination of Direct and Oxidative Dyes. Even if the colour looks scary and ‘too dark’ trust in the process and leave Shades EQ to develop for the full 20 minutes.

  • Always remember to perform an Allergy Alert Test before application.
  • Always mix Shades EQ Bonder Inside with Shades EQ Gloss Processing Solution or Shades EQ Gloss to Gel Developer in a 1:1 ratio.



Watch @emilymanderhair on Tuesday 12th April as she creates a summer-inspired Liquid GoldenBlonde with NEW Shades EQ BonderInside Golden Blondes!


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