No matter how hectic salon life can be, it is important for your business that you stay on top of your salon reception area.

A smooth running reception leads to a successful salon; with this in mind we have compiled a list for how to get the perfect salon reception area!

Send Out the Right Signals

It’s important to remember that the reception area is the first interaction your client will have with your brand. No matter how stressful a day it has been, every customer needs to be greeted in a warm, friendly and professional manner. Running a reception can sometimes feel like spinning plates, even if you are on the phone and cannot speak, positive eye contact and a warm smile will go a long way with your clients. It is also vital to ensure that you keep your reception area looking its best at all times, after all, you only make one first impression.

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Stay On the Ball

A good receptionist must be able to anticipate potential problems by always being two steps ahead when issues occur. For instance, if a stylist is running late there are a few ways to prevent your customer from becoming dissatisfied. These include progressing them through for shampooing, allowing them to try a complimentary treatment or even do something as simple as offering them a drink. Basically, try anything to ensure your client feels valued and engaged and always remain calm and friendly.

Be A Part of Business Growth

Your receptionist should play an integral role in growing your business by doing the simple things well. A good receptionist will always make sure that they offer a hair colour consultation or a skin test with every cutting appointment to ensure maximum profit per client visit. Your receptionist should keep on top of your retail area to make sure it looks well stocked and appealing to your clients. Also, a skilled receptionist will have learned how to ‘read’ people; this can be an important skill when knowing when to give client’s an ad hoc £10 off colour vouchers to ensure a repeat visit.

Represent Your Brand

A receptionist should model the standards of your salon. This means that as well as providing great customer service they should always looks the part. If you are on reception, make sure your hair, makeup and clothes look immaculate. If you look like you are having an ‘off’ day this will make your client question the credibility of your salon, if you look like you have paid attention to your appearance you will set the tone for a high quality service.

Retail products to your clients

A great way to diversify your profits and offer more to your clients is to include a salon retail area; allowing you to sell professional salon products on to your customers.

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