As a new salon owner it is of course extremely important that your business succeeds. However, the ways in which you can measure your salon’s success are entirely personal. Some owners seek to expand their client base, others look to expand to multiple locations or work towards a mention in a magazine. Client retention and increased revenue are measurable ways to track your growth but what is the methodology behind increasing your salon’s success?

Develop a sales strategy on retail products

Aside from client treatments, a sales strategy on retail products is imperative. Train your stylists and therapists to work the retail products they are using into the conversations that they have with their clients. The same applies to your front desk receptionist.

Ensure that your retail products are well merchandised near to the front of the salon so that passers-by are encouraged to come in and browse, and clients in the waiting area can view the selection of products on sale before their treatment. The sales of retail products can provide a steady stream of revenue to help maximise profits.

Create a strong online presence

As consumer behaviour continues to grow online, the importance of a good website is imperative for your salon’s success. Your site should be fully branded, easy to navigate and filled with helpful information for your clients including business hours, location, pricing and contact information. An online booking system is also highly recommended for convenience of both yourself and your clients. Not only does this market your salon as innovative and accommodating but it will also help salon staff to keep bookings and client information organised.

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Identify a niche for your salon

In a highly competitive landscape, your salon needs to find its own niche and offer something unique for your client base. For example, your salon might specialise in organic products and treatments or you may have a team of proficient colourists. Ensure your salon is remembered for your USPs and target the kind of clients you want on your books. By making your salon memorable and specialised in a particular area, you are more likely to attract new custom through word of mouth and also online marketing.

Develop long term relationships with clients

After-all, your clients are the people who will keep your business in motion. By treating your clients well, they will continue to return time and time again and hopefully recommend your salon to their friends and family. Personalise their experience with a loyalty scheme which will incentivise them to return to your salon.

Common pitfalls to avoid

Whilst making mistakes as a salon owner is a large part of the learning and growth process, there are some mistakes that can be avoided, saving you time and, importantly, money.

Not promoting your salon effectively

Whilst your salon may be positioned in a fantastic location with plenty of footfall, failing to advertise and promote your salon adequately won’t bring in new clients or retain your existing client base. Ensure that your salon is listed in relevant directories, and that your social media presence is active for customers to engage in.

Wrong pricing

When opening a salon, pricing is important and setting your prices too high or too low is a common mistake. Finding the right price point is a challenging task. Set your prices too high and new clientele may be put off even trying your services. Set them too low and your overheads may not be covered. Balance in this case is key; the best approach is to do some market research on your competitors. Test the waters, and if you set your prices a little higher there is always room to lower them which is far easier than hiking prices up.

Hiring the wrong staff

Hiring the wrong staff can be devastating both personally and financially and can lead to your entire operation failing. Afterall, your staff are who your clients build relationships with and will encourage them to visit your salon time and time again. One bad apple can lead to walk outs and even a large loss of client retention. Ensure that you employ the right people for your salon by following our guide to hiring the right people.

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In order for your salon succeed, it is imperative that you have funds set aside for marketing your salon and that the level of customer service offered is second to none. With those two elements in place your salon is on the route to success.

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