With National Male Grooming Day taking place here in the UK on the 18th August, it’s an ideal time to think about whether or not your salon is geared up to accommodate a male client base?

Over the last decade, the male grooming industry has grown into a multi-billion pound industry. According to an article published by the Independent, in 2016 alone, the market value of the male grooming industry topped £14.9bn. There is evidently a demand for this kind of service offering.  Are you taking advantage of it?

Men are becoming more and more inspired to groom themselves, following the lead of celebrity influencers such as David Beckham over the likes of Joey Essex. If you own a thriving beauty salon, take a moment to think about whether or not you are you utilising your services to engage male clients. Does your marketing offering encourage men to book an appointment? Do you offer male specific treatments? If no is the answer to the above questions, read on to discover the best approaches when it comes to marketing your salon towards men.

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What is your marketing message?

It is easy to solely focus your marketing advertorials, posters and leaflets towards your female clientele – after all, this is where the lion’s share of your profit is made. If you are, however, looking to attract a male demographic, ensure that some areas of your marketing depicts a male lifestyle that avoids stereotypes or prejudice. In our industry, it is our job to make everyone feel and look their very best.

Think about your reception area also – does it have reading material or positive inspiration that a man can relate to? Is everything overly feminine? Think about the kind of aesthetic that will appeal more to men. You could even ensure that your window display includes signage to note that men are welcome in your salon and you have a number of treatments catered for them.

Consider which treatments will appeal to men…

Give your desired client demographic a reason to want and need your treatments. Reiterate that grooming doesn’t have to be a chore, but it can become part of a routine just like going to the gym. Develop a men friendly menu of treatments, which could include a hydrating facial or a basic wax. Cut out the flowery language – men will relate more easily to direct, to the point treatment offerings.

Don’t forget you can also utilise the opportunity to stock retail products created especially for men. We have previously touched upon the ways in which you can utilise retail stock to boost products and the approach is the same. Ensure that they are visible, tidy and accessible. You can train your salon staff to help encourage a sale through their knowledge of the product and its benefits for their client.

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Encourage referrals from friends and family…

One of the most productive ways to encourage new clients to try your salon is by word of mouth recommendations – this is, of course, no secret! This is also a fantastic approach to encourage your existing clientele to introduce a male partner, family member or friend to your salon. We recommend offering a discount for everybody that refers a male client. This could be 20% off a retail product, or a free treatment when you book in for a manicure. You can also offer introductory promotions for male clients to try a treatment, i.e 15% off your first treatment.

As attitudes towards male grooming shifts, it makes for a savvy salon owner to latch onto consumer trends within the business of beauty. Not only will this make your salon business more practical – but also positions your beauty salon as a welcoming and inclusive business within your community.

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