We know that reopening your salon after the Coronavirus lockdown has been no simple task.

But, now things are up and running, you want to make sure that clients are as happy about your salon opening as you are!

Despite the new challenges your whole team is facing, it’s still vital to maintain the highest customer service standards and ensure your clients won’t be put off coming back.

Take a look at our tips for ensuring you are offering the best customer service post-lockdown…

Get to Grips With Virtual Consultations

To help reduce the amount of face-to-face time spent with clients, virtual consultations are set to become the norm in post-lockdown salons. However, it’s important to ensure you still offer the same standard of service even over video call.

When arranging virtual consultations with clients, ensure that:

  • You arrange a suitable time with the client before hand
  • If you are using Zoom, send over the link when you book in the consultation
  • If you are using Facetime or WhatsApp, make sure that the client has the right number and that you are set up ready for the call
  • Ask clients to send over a picture of their hair in natural lighting first, especially if you are planning on colouring the hair
  • Take notes during the call so you remember exactly what was discussed – you could even send a follow up email to the client so there’s no misunderstanding over what you agreed

Try and help make clients feel as comfortable as possible on video call – it’s new territory for many of us. Find a quiet and tidy room with no distractions to keep up your professional image and have a plan for what you need to ask so there are no awkward silences!

Don’t forget – while it might seem a little different to usual, you still need to cover everything you normally would during a consultation, including the need for patch testing.

Read more in our guide to the importance of client consultation.

Wear PPE Properly

We’ve talked about salon PPE a lot on the blog lately. But, it’s not only there to protect staff and clients, but to help them feel at ease, too.

For many clients, it might make them feel anxious to resume their normal activities again. So, it’s essential that you show them that you are taking any concerns seriously, without making them feel uncomfortable.

Make sure all members of the team are following the same rules on wearing face masks, visors and gloves. If a client sees one staff member doing something different, they might worry that the rules aren’t being followed properly. Have morning or evening catch-ups with your whole team to make sure everyone is happy with the way PPE is being used.

While wearing a face shield and face mask is incredibly important, many of us aren’t used to communicating with such barriers in this way. It can be harder to give a friendly smile – plus, welcome hugs are completely off the cards!

To make up for this, try to keep up friendly conversations and the best customer service in all other areas.

It will also help to make sure your PPE is as comfortable as possible. We recommend our SuperGuardPRO Visor – designed for maximum comfort, they have latex-free foam pads, self-adjusting headbands and a fog-resistant screen.

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Take Care of Your Staff

There are a lot of new challenges that both you and your team are having to face at the moment. From dealing with PPE to getting to grips with social distancing, as well as dealing with any of their own personal issues or concerns.

It’s important that you be compassionate to your team during this period. If they are feeling stressed, your clients will likely pick up on this and could feel uncomfortable if they know their stylist isn’t happy. Listen to any concerns or problems everyone in your team has, and do your best to address them.

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Keep Calm

As we’ve already mentioned, reopening your salon can be stressful for everyone – you, your staff and your clients.

Try and keep the atmosphere as calm and friendly as possible. Clients want to feel safe, but they don’t want to feel as though they are on edge either! Keep calm and take things slowly, allowing everyone to get used to your new arrangements.

Remember, you still want clients to enjoy their trip to your salon, even with everything that is going on.

Don’t Overstretch Yourself

We know that many salons are feeling the financial strain, so you might be feeling the pressure to take as many bookings in as you can.

Try to only take on what you can realistically deal with, while still giving staff the rest they need to give clients the service they expect.

Don’t forget to allow yourself time to actually manage your business and finances, too. You’ve probably never had to face a situation like this before, so it’s more important than ever to ensure your salon is running as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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