Want to know how you can make your manicure last longer? Look no further! Here’s our top 5 tips on how to prevent your nail polish from chipping.

1. Wait three minutes between each coat – the dryer the bottom layer is, the better the top will adhere.

2. For bright colors like neons, use a white polish as your first coat (think of it as a primer) to get better, longer-lasting color.

3. Put a thin layer of clear top coat on your nails every other day¬†to protect your nails from chipping.

4. “Wrap” your polish by running your brush along the edge of your nails. This makes the polish extend all the way to the very tip and makes it harder for them to chip on contact.

5. Use a top coat to add a shine and a ‘polished’ finished effect to your nails. It also protects the polish from scratches, which can cause peeling/chips.


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