The new year is always a great excuse to really think about how your salon looks both inside and out. Often, January is synonymous with downtime across the industry as clients cut back on spending. Here at Salons Direct, we always recommend taking advantage of this quieter period to think about the small changes you can make to your salon interior – without breaking the bank!

We’ve already touched upon how to create the perfect salon interior where we outline the key areas of the salon that need some extra consideration, whether that’s your treatment rooms, your client stations, or your reception area. Perhaps this gave you food for thought on areas of your own salon that you might want to change.

It is okay if you don’t have the money to completely redecorate your salon, or invest in new branding/signage. What matters is your attention to detail towards the little things that can make your salon look tatty and tired.

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You can pick up a sample pot of paint from DIY home stores fairly cheaply, or even for free in some cases. You can use these to touch up on skirting boards, wall areas or sideboards that might have become nicked or scuffed from salons chairs, clients’ feet or other pieces of moveable salon furniture.

A lick of paint can really brighten up even the most tired areas of your salon, so think about the aesthetic value new paintwork can add against the cost of a tin of paint in your chosen colour. We always recommend bright, clean colours to add a clean feel to your salon space.


You can transform your salon quickly by adopting a new colour palette to work with. Perhaps you could introduce a fresh shade of blue or a soft shade of lilac through the accessories within your salon. Bargain home stores such as B&M or Dunelm offer a great selection of artwork, vases, candles and accessories for extremely low prices, so this kind of renovation won’t cost the earth and can have a significant and impactful results.

Don’t spend, just move

You don’t have to spend a penny on giving your salon a lift. You can breathe a new lease of life into it through rearranging your furniture, your window displays, or your client stations. If your space and other restraints such as plug points permit, you could switch around your whole salon, giving it a new layout. You could even focus on re-jigging your reception area to make your entrance area feel much more inviting.

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Work on a different merchandising strategy

Another cost-free way to update your salon interior is to change how you currently merchandise your retail stock. You can move your salon storage to a new location, or switch up which kinds of retail stock you display. Perhaps you’ve always stocked shampoo and conditioner in the same place? Why not move them to a new area so that clients feel its somewhere they haven’t seen before? Simple changes can make all the difference to how the room feels and looks – without a hefty price tag.

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