Ariana Garcia is based in Downtown Los Angeles and currently works at Neihule Salon. Ariana has been a hairstylist for over five years and says colouring is her favourite part of the job.

Ariana (@ari_hairstylista) created this gorgeous rose gold hair colour on one of her clients so we spoke to her to find out how she achieved this look!

rose gold hair

“My client came in with new growth of about 2+ inches. She is a natural level 7. We had previously been transitioning her out of a dark root ombre look and got her back to her ‘natural’ colour.” (See below).

before rose gold

This last visit she wanted something different so I gave her a darker root and a very rosy colour.

1. To create the root effect I used Wella Colour Touch 7/7 and melted that into her existing blonde colour. I processed and then shampooed out.

2. Then I rough dried and applied Scruples pink and a pinch of Pravana red with conditioner until I got this light rosy pink colour.

3. I applied and processed for 20 minutes and lightly shampooed and conditioned.

4. Lastly I gave her a blow out and a quick loose curl style.

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