Nail technicians will know just how important it is to ensure that the dust and fumes in a salon environment are kept to a minimum. But without the right equipment, it can be pretty difficult. 

Today, we’ll be talking about how you can protect yourself and your clients from potentially harmful fumes and specks of dust using Zephyros – an industry leader for professional filtration equipment. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it. Read on to find out how to safely remove nail dust and fumes from your salon with Zephyros…

Why it’s important to remove nail dust and fumes from your salon

We don’t need to tell you that filtration technology is a must-have for any nail technician. It’s always astonishing how many dust particles can go unnoticed, especially where nail treatments are concerned. 

We’re sure all nail techs have had a moment where they thought their workstations were spotless – only to do a quick wipe over and find an accumulation of fine dust particles that were undetectable to the naked eye. It’s not your fault – it happens to the best of us! 

Although easily missed, repeat exposure to these toxins can be quite bad for your health. This is because the dust from these types of treatments tends to be so fine, it can easily enter the body without you even noticing.

Aside from the health risk to the professional, the salon also must ensure a safe environment for their clients. Not to mention that the fumes can leave a pretty unpleasant smell if not addressed! 

So, what can you do? The answer is professional filtration technology, specially designed for nail treatments. The professional brand we highly recommend is Zephyros. 

Zephyros overview 

A slightly unrelated but interesting fact is the name Zephyros might sound familiar, and here’s why. It’s the name of the Greek God of the west wind, which fits perfectly with their products and what they can offer! 

Used by professionals on a global scale, Zephyros is a brand that you can count on for unbeatable quality. 

The filtration technology that their products offer will snap up even the smallest of dust particles, ensuring that no pesky toxic particles circulate within the airflow of the salon and workstation areas. 

Zephyros is a professional brand that specialises in top-of-the-range equipment and accessories that’ll truly take your salon and personal work hygiene to the next level. So if you’re looking for trustworthy products that’ll keep your station super clean, super tidy, and super organised – you’ve just found your new go-to brand.  

Now that you’re officially acquainted with Zephyros, let’s dive into what their products can offer in more detail. 

Zephyros Dust Collector Desk Top

The Zephyros Dust Collector Desk Top is a must-have for all practicing nail technicians, both mobile and in-house. 

This powerful extractor is fuelled by a robust turbine, offering professionals a reliable and effective downforce suction over the large air vents. All you’ll be required to do is place a microfibre filter paper on top of the air vent and it’ll work its cleansing magic. 

The unwanted dust will then gather and can be easily disposed of after you’ve finished your treatments. No more hard-to-spot dust accumulations in your workspace! 


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In addition, you won’t have to compromise on your style preference, as the Zephyros Dust Collector Desk Top is available in either a sleek silver or a beautiful rose gold finish. 

The key features of the Zephyros Dust Collector Top include: 

  • Small but mighty – an impressive 50 watts of power. 
  • Available in different colours. 
  • 51db volume capacity. 
  • Professional design. 
  • Ultra-lightweight (900g). 
  • 50 filter papers included with purchase. 
  • Dimensions – 29cm x 19cm x 10cm

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Zephyros Dust Collector Desk Insert

The fantastic Zephyros Dust Collector Desk Insert is the perfect solution for practitioners who prefer and/or find it more practical to have a table insert version of the Zephyros Dust Collector Desk Top. 

Offering all the same high-quality features of the Zephyros desktop, the desk insert version is a compact yet powerful addition, perfect for cleansing the air in the salon whilst also maintaining a safe workspace. 

The key features of the Zephyros Dust Collector Desk Insert include:

  • 30 filters included with purchase. 
  • Power adaptor included. 
  • Thorough fitting guide and instructions included. 
  • Completely adjustable brackets. 
  • The product design allows for an optimum fit to a majority of desk depths. 
  • Combines the superb suction capacity of the Zephyros with the ability to fit in your table.
  • Professional appearance and design. 
  • Unbeatable performance. 
  • Compact size. Full dimensions include – 24cm x 11cm x 20cm. 

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Zephyros Dust Filters 

Although all Zephyros products have dust filters included, you’re bound to run out sooner or later – especially if you have back-to-back appointments! Last but not certainly not least, we have an essential component when using any Zephyros product – Zephyros Dust Filters. 

The Zephyros Dust Filters are a reliable and trustworthy professional filter. They are completely disposable and also moisture and splash resistant, providing high-quality filtration. 

In addition, the dust filters are micro-fibre and CE certified, ensuring that safety is guaranteed. Zephyros Dust Filters are available to purchase in a pack of 100 – making them very cost-effective for any practitioner. 

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We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering how to safely and effectively remove unwanted nail dust and fumes from your salon using the incredible Zephyros range. At Salons Direct, we offer all the products listed in this blog – so be sure to check out our website for more. 

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