Starting a business from scratch can be daunting for anyone. Here at Salons Direct it is our aim to provide helpful resources and guides for anybody wanting to kickstart their own business within the hair, beauty or barbering spaces. This week we are discussing how to start a mobile tanning business from home.

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Over the years, clients have become much more conscious when it comes to their health and in-particular their skin. Many are tossing aside the bottle of dry oil and moving away from  tanning beds in favour of airbrush tanning.

All thanks to reality TV, TOWIE anyone? and a continuous yearn to achieve a year-round glow , false tanning is big business – So if you are thinking of starting a mobile tanning business, here are a few considerations to note.

Have you considered the legalities?

Before starting your business you need to think seriously about the legalities.

  • Are you fully qualified to practice?
  • Is your business registered?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • If you’re setting up your business directly from home, do you have a trading permit?
  • And has your home undergone a health and safety check?

We recommend doing as much research as possible before embarking on your new career as a mobile tanning provider. It’s always a good idea to team up with other people and ask as much advice as possible.

How will you amplify your mobile tanning business?

With a mobile business, there are much lower overheads, which means you can push your resource into quality equipment such as spray tan machines and tents. We really recommend investing in sound tanning equipment which will help you achieve your best work.

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Have you thought about marketing?

We highly recommend utilising social media platforms to broaden your client reach, gain recommendations and most importantly, show off the fantastic work you can achieve via imagery and videos. Discover our guide to social media for salon owners where you will  pick up some handy tips and tricks.

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Tap into occasions and group events…

Make yourself available for seasonal occasions such as weddings, proms, hen parties and other such events. Not only is there a bigger opportunity to bring in some extra cash, but you can also become ‘known’ for being the go-to mobile beautician that can provide quality tanning jobs for groups. Make it easier for bridal parties by travelling to them – You could even offer discounts for large groups and recommendations.

Health & safety for yourself…

Make sure you are safeguarding yourself, particularly if you are inviting clients into your home, or heading out to client you have never met before. We recommend speaking to all clients on the phone before you meet them and taking a friend or family member to assist you. Even if they stay in the car, they can easily help out of you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.  If you can’t take somebody with you, always tell someone the address of where you will be and the time frame of the treatment.

DIFFICULT CLIENTS can unfortunately appear in any situation and you may find yourself in a challenging situation with a client new or existing. Disputes of any kind can occur over almost anything so make sure to set expectations from the start. In these situations keep emotions calm and offer a fair and reasonable resolution.

At the end of the day, clients are looking for a friendly and professional service that offers them a competitive deal with an attention to detail. Do you feel like you can deliver this to the airbrush tanning market?  We know you’ll make a great job of it!

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