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iNOA stands for Innovation, No ammonia, and the much-loved permanent hair colour formula has come a long way since it first launched over a decade ago and it is now BETTER than ever.

 Let’s find out what’s new…

What are the key features of the new L’Oréal iNOA formulation?

 The L’Oreal team has made the NEW iNOA consistency easier to apply and rinse, which means it’s an even more pleasant experience for both you and your client.

  iNOA is now totally odourless and comfortable on the scalp, providing radiant tones and immaculate white hair coverage in just 35 minutes!

 The NEW vegan formula is a great conversation starter with clients.

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L’Oréal iNOA offers an oil delivery system with 60% oil

Loreal Inoa before and after


Key steps for using L’Oréal iNOA in your salon

Professional Guidance

  • Use exclusively with the recommended iNOA oxidants 10, 20, or 30 volumes.
  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide greater than 30 volumes (9%).
  • Use only the proportions indicated.
  • Do not use metallic tools such as clips, comb etc.

1. Preparation

For one application, mix: 60g of iNOA oxidant 10, 20 or 30 volumes: 

  • 10 vol. for lengths and ends techniques 
  • 20 vol. to lift up to 2 levels. 
  • 30 vol. to lift up to 3 levels.

60g of iNOA colour. Mix together with a whisk until a smooth texture is obtained.

2. Application

  • Apply to the root area and, if necessary,
  • the lengths and ends.

Development time: 35 min.

3. Emulsion and Rinsing

After the development time, emulsify very gently. 

Then rinse hair thoroughly until water runs clear.

Finish with the adapted shampoo: Metal Detox Shampoo or iNOA Post.

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Loreal Inoa products lined up

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iNOA’s luxurious Ammonia-free hair colour has a unique patented Oil Delivery system technology to give high-impact colour and gives optimal scalp comfort for healthier-looking hair. The new vegan formula is more fluid and manageable and is faster and easier to apply. Easier to mix, rinse and extend to the lengths for better application.


L’Oréal iNOA offers high-impact colour, up to 58% shine and optimal scalp comfort.

Get the look!

Loreal Inoa before and after

  1. Lightly mist Metal Detox Pre-Treatment Spray throughout.
  2. Mix and apply 60 grams of iNOA 7.4 with 60 grams of iNOA Oxydant 20 vol and apply to roots. 
  3. Mix 60 grams of iNOA 7.4 with iNOA Oxydant  10 vol and apply to ends.
  4. Develop for 35 mins. 
  5. Finish and maintain with the perfect at-home routine: Metal Detox Shampoo, Mask and Oil. 

before and after using loreal inoa

FAQs for using the new L’Oréal iNOA? formula

Q: Can I intermix the previous iNOA with the new one?

Yes, you can and will have no impact on performance.

Q: Why has it changed?

The formula has been adjusted using advanced technologies to improve the professional’s efficacy and ease of use.

Q: Do I need to skin test?

Yes, we advise skin testing with the new iNOA.

Q: The instructions aren’t inside the box.

We have new sustainable packaging; all information can be found by scanning the QR code on the box.

Q: How is the new formula vegan?

The ethically sourced beeswax has been removed to improve consistency.

Q: Has the oxydant riche formula changed?

No, just the packaging.

Q: Does it still cover white hair?

Yes, up to 70%. Add half fundamental shade for 70% – 100% white.

Q: Does it darken natural hair?

Yes, simply add half the corresponding fundamental shade.

Q: Is the mixing still the same?

Yes, 1+1 ratio, i.e. 60g + 60g.

Q: What is 10 vol for?

10 vol is used for areas of the hair that have had the previous colour.

INOA 60g by L’Oréal Professionnel

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