As restrictions around the Coronavirus lockdown start to lift, we know that many salon owners are beginning to consider welcoming clients back – and, more importantly, whether their current salon set-up is safe to do so.

While the opening date for hair salons and barber shops is confirmed for the 4th July, nail and beauty salons are still awaiting further information on when they can reopen their doors, too. Although there isn’t much specific advice for the hair and beauty industry from the government, there are already a few clear signs on how workplaces should operate during ‘the new normal’.

Social distancing and increased hygiene procedures are key to ensure the safety of staff and clients who can’t provide or receive their service from home. This also includes the use of ‘screens and barriers to separate people from each other’ when people cannot keep the full 2m apart – also known as hygiene screens or perspex screens.

In this blog, we answer some key questions such as…

  • Do you have to use a perspective screen in your salon?
  • How do you use a screen safely?
  • Just how much protection can they provide?


Clear Perspex Hygiene Screen

Do I Have to Have a Perspex Screen in My Salon in Order to Reopen?

We are still awaiting specific advice from the government on how the hair and beauty industry can operate in the future.

However, based on the measures other industries have been taking to open, the use of hygiene screens is likely to be a big help.

Many shops, offices and food outlets have already installed hygiene screens at customer touch points or to protect staff from any further risk of transmission.

How Can I Use a Perspex Screen in My Salon?

As we mentioned above, the ideal level of social distancing across all areas is 2 meters. However, you might be worried that this won’t always be possible in your salon. If you are, don’t worry, you are not alone; a survey by the NHBF found that 84% of salons said their biggest worry about reopening was how to maintain social distancing.

In these situations, a hygiene screen can help reduce the risk of transmission when used along with all the other recommended hygiene and salon PPE practices.

So, you will most likely consider fitting a hygiene screen at your reception desk to help you keep safe during payment, and at your manicure stations. Each screen has a cut-out to allow for hands to pass under, which is also ideal for nail services.

Clear Perspex Hygiene Screen Nail Salon

How Much Protection Will a Perspex Screen Provide Me and My Clients With?

It’s important to remember that a hygiene screen should not be used instead of improved hygiene practices. Rather, they are to be used alongside other guidelines.

The main things you can do to keep safe, according to current advice, are to maintain social distancing, wash hands and disinfect equipment regularly, keep your salon well ventilated and wear PPE appropriately.

A perspex screen doesn’t offer complete protection from the transmission of viruses alone. Other steps you should take include:

  • Providing face masks for both staff and customers to wear throughout their visit and disposing/washing them correctly
  • Keeping all nail tools clean with a steriliser – or, use single-use tools to be disposed of to avoid cross contamination
  • Placing hand sanitiser on every station for both staff and clients to use
  • Using a dust collector to help prevent nail dust from carrying pathogens
  • Regularly cleaning the hygiene screen and the rest of the desk or station with an antibacterial cleaner
  • Staggering appointment times to ensure minimal amount of clients are in contact with each other
  • Asking staff and clients to stay at home if they have any Covid-19 symptoms

Of course, this list is not extensive of every action you need to take – we will be offering further advice on how to safely reopen your salon and what PPE you should be using on the blog soon.

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