Younger clients are at the gateway to a life of colour in your salon chair. They look to you as fashion guide and expert to create colour that expresses their point of view, their musical alliances or creative influences.

They want their individual colour to be noticed and admired but it could be that from one week to the next they want a completely different look.

How important is it for clients to have a hair colour consultation?


How can I provide a good hair consultation to clients?


  • Sit at their level
  • Discuss their thoughts before offering yours
  • Tailor your ideas to their specific problems


  • Know your client
  • Use lifestyle questions
  • Gather information to build a picture of your client


  • Act as a Beauty Coach
  • Consider personal features and qualities of your client such as skin tone and face shape


  • Understand your clients’ potential and work with it
  • Avoid closed questions that leave the conversation open to objections


  • Create a future plan for clients by acting as a designer


  • Check for understanding
  • Encourage questions from your client

What do clients expect from a consultation?

  • Advice on what works best for their face shape and skin tone
  • Your expertise and care: you are the consultant they trust
  • Information on the latest trends
  • Hair colour and style advice
  • Give them hair condition advice and a home-care maintenance regimen
  • Give them styling product advice and tips on how to re-create the look at home
  • They trust you to advise them: to meet their beauty needs
  • Clients are willing to pay more for personalised colour services

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Wella Professionals has designed 2 expressive colour services to satisfy your needs. The high fashion HIDDEN TWIST & head turning MATTE GLOSS.


The different aspirations for your clients are:

  • She is a fashion addict and wants to show it to the world. She would consider colouring to get the new expressive “IT GIRL” look that makes her stand out from the crowd.
  • She likes subtle looks and wants to give her hair colour a natural twist to express her personality.

Why does a colourist / salon need to capture young clients?

  • Less than 10% of 18-25 clients colour.
  • They consider hair as a fashion accessory and would consider colouring if they could get a low- commitment low- maintenance look.
  • Fashion colour trends will continue. Drive loyalty with your young client for the future.

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