Vegan Map Of The UK – Q&A With Vegan Salon, Mane Angels

Discover our exclusive interviews with some of the fantastic vegan salons featured on our ‘Vegan Salon Map Of The UK‘. Here, we chatted to Katie McGregor of the Mane Angels salon based in Dundee to find out more about their story and how they came to be a vegan salon!

How does your salon cater to vegans?

At Mane Angels, we cater to vegans by being able to offer a completely vegan colouring service from start to finish, including all shampoo, conditioners and styling products.  Our vegan colours pack a punch, we use Pulp Riot and Crazy Color! We also use innoluxe as a hair saviour! The condition you can achieve with these products is like nothing I’ve seen before.  Which make me think, why do we really need to use products containing non-vegan ingredients when we can achieve even more fantastic results using vegan alternatives?

The product range we sell in the salon is Evo.  It’s all about working for you..not you working for your hair. There is no false adverts, just great products. Because we all know there is no product out there which can glue a split end back together! As well as being vegan, the bottles are all made of recycled ocean plastic.  The company also gives any damaged packaging to homeless shelters in Australia, where the brand originates from!


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Tell us more about your salon, how it began, what it stands for etc?

Mane Angels opened 18 months ago. We started as a one-woman band but we have a few additions to our team now! I needed to spread my wings and truly let loose my style of hairdressing and colouring.  I love all things colour. In the city we are based in we are known for our bright colours, especially rainbows! Hidden or not, we believe everyone should experience rainbow hair at some point in their life.

When opening, I felt overwhelmed by all these different hair brands so picking one to use in the salon was difficult, but being an animal lover it was important for us to make the salon animal-friendly too.  Which is why we decided to become Dundee’s only all singing, all dancing dog-friendly vegan hair salon. That’s right… we get to play with other peoples dogs while making hair dreams come true, tell us there is a better job out there, I dare you!

We are currently expanding to a second unit next door which is where we will offer a whole range of beauty treatments too.  And what’s even better is every beauty treatment is suitable for vegans too! We stand for being your own individual. We are a no judgment salon.  We have clients come in their pyjamas and if anything we are more jealous that we can’t wear our jammies to work!! As well as hair and beauty we like to cater to out vegans by always being able to offer vegan alternatives in the way of drinks and snacks. We have actually converted a few clients to a vegan alternative to milk because it just tastes so flipping good!



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Why is it important to you to cater towards veganism in 2019?

I don’t think there is any valid reason now for products to contain animal-derived products in them.  All companies are doing is limiting themselves to their target market. The vegan industry is booming right now and slowly but surely you can see big brands changing their ways to meet the needs of different lifestyle choices. What’s even more interesting is when you tell a non-vegan what animal products are actually in their beauty and hair products.  I mean, no one likes to find out their conditioner is filled with cow fat, right?

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