Vegan Map Of The UK – Q&A With Vegan Salon, Pixal Rose

Discover our exclusive interviews with some of the fantastic vegan salons featured on our ‘Vegan Salon Map Of The UK‘.¬†Since opening their doors in October 2018, the Pixal Rose¬†team based in Swindon have been made an ambassador to The Animal Justice Project due to the ethical stance of their work and more recently, have been shortlisted for the Green Salon of the Year award through Salon Business. We chatted to the Pixal Rose owner, Kelly Vowles to find out more!


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How does your salon cater to vegans?

As a vegan myself, it made sense that the salon should be completely free of animal products (and supply only cruelty-free options too). Having worked in salon teams prior to setting up the Pixal-Rose brand, I was also overwhelmed by the amount of waste the hair and beauty industry creates and just how much animal testing continues with many of the well-known brands. Pixal-Rose Hair Design is the first of it’s kind in the area, from the milk alternatives we put in our hot drinks (no cow’s milk in here!!) to the finishing sprays completing your service, everything in our salon is completely and utterly vegan and cruelty free (meaning we abstain from using brands that sell to countries where animal testing is mandatory).



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Tell us more about your salon, how it began, what it stands for etc?

The concept behind Pixal-Rose is to ‘celebrate pets, not test’ and as such, my salon is named after one of my Guinea Pigs, Pixal. The brand started back in 2017 (after a brainstorming session of how we can incorporate the names of my pets into the name of a salon) and there and then I knew the salon would be vegan and ethical. We stand for ethical practice, to reduce waste and produce great hair. We choose brands which package sustainably, have less impactive chemicals on the environment and reuse as much as we can (we often have to toss a coin to decide who’s turn it is to wash the hair foils) along with recycling everything possible.

Why is it important to you to cater towards veganism in 2019?

Veganism is the biggest thing we can turn to, to reduce our impact on the environment. Veganism is a growing movement, one we are proud to support and be a part of. It’s important for us to create amazing hair without harming the environment.

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