Director of HOB Salons and three-times winner of HJ‚Äôs British Hairdresser of the Year, Akin Konizi’s signature precision cutting and striking imagery have made him an in-demand educator and platform artist the world over.¬†

We asked our fans to send over any questions for the British Hairdresser of the Year to answer in our new feature #AskAkin. Here’s what was said:

I’ve recently been a finalist for Wella Trend Vision UK, I would love to enter British hairdressing awards what would your top tips be for entering the awards?

The question you have to ask yourself before entering any comp is do you really want to win and if you do really want to win, when do you want to win it. Without answering those questions, you will never win!

What trends do you imagine will be big in 2014?

As we approach Spring Summer 2014 think texture! Appearing in many different forms, from expensive high end finishes, to the more high street chic and urban influenced feel, it will be the main focus for any length. We can expect to see shorter looks steer towards the glossier finish. Mid lengths will remain primarily bob shapes but will move away from the classic silhouettes to a more rounded, page boy influenced shape. Longer lengths will welcome big waves, but overall hair will be still be very 60’s influenced but with a slight hint of the 70’s coming through.





What has been your favourite era of hairstyles and why?

I love the 80’s. It was a time of experimentation and freedom. We were doing things we have never done before. It was a very exciting time. A lot of what we do now is still based on those ideas.

Who inspires you?

I get inspiration from fashion, music and street, but most of all from my Creative Team. They never fail to blow me away especially during our debates, that’s where incredible ideas come and the magic happens.




What is your advice on how to build a good clientele and run a successful business/salon?

My advice on how to build a good clientele is to first and foremost do great haircuts and great colour. Make sure that every single client leaves the salon ecstatic with their finished look. Ask them if they are happy and listen! You should be aiming for one client to bring you back 5 clients. It’s no good just keeping her. She could move or leave you, and then you have no one!

To run a good salon, you need a good infrastructure of management. Make sure you have someone such as an Assistant Manager on your side. This will help you enrol the rest of team with the systems and procedures you want implemented. It is essential that you always have a salon that has the same goal, meeting regularly. This goal should be to have success.