When it comes to perfecting the craft of hair colouring, professional colourist Amy Fish has it mastered. She can be found doing it all, whether she’s providing her skills for editorial photo shoots for the likes of Dazed & Confused, Love magazine and iD, or working on creative colour for catwalk shows and advertising campaigns for Versace and Saint Laurent.

Amy’s work doesn’t stop there, as she regularly works her magic on the tresses of some of the UK’s leading fashion and lifestyle influencers including inthefrow and wonderful you.

amy fish and megan gillbride

Amy Fish & Megan (Wonderful-You)

We spent 5 minutes with Amy who is now a resident colourist at the new Larry King salon to learn more about how she got started in the business of colouring.

What is your first memory of appreciating/noticing really great hair?

I used to dance as a hobby when I was younger, and my stage school used to do shows in London. I remember this one show they brought in some hairdressers to do our hair, it was amazing! The hair stylist put my hair up in a really cool punk up do and I remember feeling great and so confident. I think it was then that I appreciated good hair and the way it made people feel. I then made my mum re-create this look at a school disco.

Amy Fish with Creative Magazine IT Girl award

Photo: amyfishcolour.com

When did you decide that becoming a colourist was going to be a full-time profession?

From a young age, I have always loved playing around with my hair, getting up early and styling my hair a different style every day for school. It was obvious I wanted to be a hairdresser.

After leaving school at 16 I traveled to London and got an apprenticeship in a salon. I then absolutely loved working in the tinting department helping all the colourists – I loved the buzz of it, being busy and meeting so many different people. From then I knew this is what I was going to do.

Victoria McGrath Inthefrow headshot

Amy’s handy work on Victoria from inthefrow’s iconic locks

How did you turn your skill into a name that is recognisable as a leader in colouring

I think hard work does pay off. I was and am still open to any opportunity that arises. I would never say no to anything even if I was scared

What is one thing you wish that you had been told before embarking on a professional career in colouring?

Learn more and pay attention to science at school. It’s amazing how much science is in hairdressing. 

Editorial image for Dazed and confused magazine

Discover Amy in our spotlight on Framar International

What is the best piece of advice you can give to stylists just starting out in the business of hair?

Love what you do, it makes your job so much more worthwhile. 

What is your career highlight to date? How do you feel working with celebs and bloggers? 

Winning Creative Head Magazine’s IT Girl 2016. It’s an industry award and to be recognised amongst the best hairdressers in the business is just amazing. I still can’t believe it. I like to treat all my clients exactly the same. I have a passion for hair so it doesn’t matter whether they are a celebrity or blogger, or my friend, I love it all.

Where do you find inspiration to keep your skills fresh and innovative? 

Fashion, friends, colleagues. I love to talk about hair and fashion and gain inspiration from everywhere, whether it’s from the catwalk at fashion week, or street style or even my friends who have ideas about what they want.

Amy Fish portfolio shots for iD magazine

Photo: amyfishcolour.com

 Who influences you to be a fantastic colourist and why?

My husband who’s also a hairdresser (stylist, Scott Ade) but also a hair stylist always inspires me, and also other hair colourists in the industry. We all support each other, we love seeing what were all up to.

How do you remain rooted to your profession as your status rises?

Being surrounded by great friends in the industry. We’re all in it together.

What can we expect to see from Amy Fish throughout the remainder of 2017 and beyond?

Good Hair Days!

Discover more from Amy her Instagram: @amyfishcolour

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