We caught up with 2015 International TrendVision winner Anastasia Krupovich who was crowned the Wella International TrendVision Young Talent Platinum winner last year. The 26 year old hails from Lithuania and is a hairdresser in Kirpimo Meistrai Salon in Vilnius.

1. Anastasia, what did winning a Trendvision Award mean to you?

It was so rewarding because I have been building up to this moment. Three years ago I won a Bronze at the Baltic TrendVision competition; the following year Silver. This year has proved to me that I must never stop! I have been following Wella trends for years, so I decided to put myself to the ultimate test! I’m sure this opportunity will lead to something huge, and I hope to become part of the Wella creative family in the future.

2. Tell us about your winning look…

My main goal was to give hair a completely uncharacteristic look and create a texture not usually associated with hair. I took moss as my inspiration, contrasting as soft, dynamic hair texture with a sharp and static form – a Vietnamese hat proved my template.

3. How would you describe your TrendVision experience?

Exhilarating, hard work and rewarding. It really is the best platform for hairstylists to show their creativity and professionalism. It’s also nice to meet people with similar interests from all over the world, to be inspired and, hopefully to inspire them too.

4. Who has helped nurture your talent?

I am blessed to have worked with very talented people at every step I’ve taken. Ricardas Cizauskas, current Wella trainer in Lithuania, helped me to understand and implement technical solutions in colouring. The Creative Director of Kirpimo Meistrai salon was also instrumental.

5. Which colours proved to be key inspirations?

Colours taken from nature that would give the impression of the calmness of a Lithuanian forest. My chosen shade worked in perfect harmony with the cut and style.

6. What does Craftmanship mean to you?

It’s creative expression and daring to do something different; hair is the perfect canvas for this. I never hesitate to implement my own ideas or to try and look for inspiration between things that are seemingly incompatible. It’s all about a fusion of contrasts and Wella products are the tools that allow me to implement my vision. Our craft has no limits, especially in the modern world.

7. What advice would you give to those looking to compete in the next TrendVision?

Go for it! Hairdressing is a great platform for creative people and TrendVision allows the potential for huge self-expression through creating your own work and showcasing it to the world.