She scooped Scratch Magazine’s ‘Cover of the Year Award’ last year for her gothic-inspired nails, and now she’s managing her own nail line with The Edge Nails.

In this month’s nail-themed spotlight, we caught up with Amy Ganney to find out about her creative process, career as technician of choice for celebrities and her proudest moments.

What is your first memory of appreciating great nails?

When I was first starting my beauty training, I was working in a salon and there was a nail technician that worked there that was creating really intricate designs for her clients. It was the first time I felt inspired by someone’s nail designs and I decided from then on that I wanted to pursue a full time career in the nail industry.

Seeing this high standard of work motivated me and made me decide that I would work really hard to ensure the designs I created would be to an even higher standard than the ones that inspired me.

What is one thing you wish that you had been told before embarking on a professional career?

As a teenager I was diagnosed with dyslexia, so I lacked confidence across many aspects of my life. Over the years, I’ve managed to build my confidence, and I now believe that I have a strong set of versatile skills which help to ensure all the elements of my job role are achieved to the highest possible standard. I wish I had known before embarking on a professional career that my dyslexia would not hold me back from achieving my dreams!

What is the best piece of advice you can give to young technicians just starting out?

I think the main piece of advice I can offer someone starting out is to be persistent and don’t be discouraged or give up no matter what challenges you face. Keep practicing your art and build a portfolio before actively approaching prospective clients; use your family and friends to practice on as much as possible – it’s great for confidence building and the images you take of the finished designs can be used for your portfolio. I would also really recommend building a social media presence to help gain new clients and to use as a platform to promote your designs. Initially, you can always focus on one social media channel such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and put your energy into building your following before focusing on other channels.

How does your approach differ when, say, your designing a cover for Scratch?

I was away on a city break in Istanbul when I first visualised the concept for my Scratch front cover. It was Halloween and I was really keen to create a design reflective of this theme; I eventually decided on creating a set of nails inspired by the film, Wolverine. I often find that when I’m away from the salon I have my most inspired ideas, as my mind isn’t focused on the day-to-day running of my business. I knew that the nails I designed for the front cover had to be perfect as any imperfections would be there for all to see in print; so after two years of overcoming numerous challenges my sculptural ‘Wolverine’ nails finally made it onto the front cover of the November issue of Scratch.

What is it like working with celebrity clientele?

It is great to be able to showcase my nail designs on the nails of well-known celebrities such as Charlotte Crosby, Kate Wright and Ferne McCann. As a result, I’ve also had the opportunity to be a part of various reality TV programmes such as The Charlotte Show and Celebs Go Dating with Ferne McCann. A professional highlight for me was working backstage at the Brit Awards, creating the nails for each of the members of Little Mix.

Who influences you when it comes to nail design and why?

As the nail industry is constantly evolving, I think it’s important to be inspired by a range of influences. I follow many nail brands, technicians and beauty publishers on social media. I love that social media enables me to be inspired by a global network of nail technicians. Instagram is a very good medium for nail design inspiration being very visual. I also subscribe to magazines and attend beauty shows to help build my knowledge of new product ranges, techniques and training.

Is it a complex testing process creating your own nail collection?

I work to a high standard and I wanted to make sure that all the products within The Amy G Nail Art Collection reflect that. As the range is in partnership with The Edge Nails, we regularly had product meetings to feedback on all products that had been tested. Although it was a lengthy process, I’m really confident that the products within the range are excellent quality and enable nail technicians to create professional designs.

What would you say is the work that has made you the proudest so far?

I have worked very hard and my career has been an absolute whirlwind adventure which has led me to have many proud moments. My favourites so far have been designing and creating the nails that featured on the front cover of Scratch Magazine’s November edition, which went onto win Scratch Magazine’s Cover of the Year Award. Working backstage at the Brit Awards for my clients, Little Mix, was a moment where I really had to pinch myself to believe it was happening. In February this year I launched The Amy G Nail Art Collection with The Edge Nails at the Professional Beauty show after months of vigorous product testing and planning it was great to finally see customers enjoying shopping the range!

What are some of your essential professional tools?

I really love the Fine Detailer Brush from the Amy G Nail Art Collection as it enables me to create intricate designs for clients: it works particularly well when used with my Creative Nail Art Gels, which are a one-stroke product which is a massive time saver for me! Working in a busy salon I’m always looking for tools that help me save time throughout the day, whilst ensuring I create work to an excellent standard. The One Stroke Brush is great for tidying up your work so that every design you create is perfect. Something I regularly use are silicone nail tools, you can use these to help rub pigment powders onto the nails especially if you are trying to create a high quality mirrored effect.

What are the unmissable nail art trends of 2018?

The ombre trend has been particularly popular with my clients this year, with the summer now approaching many clients are opting for ombres using the Fluorescent Powders from The Amy G Nail Art Collection for a pop of colour. I always love to add Swarvoski crystals as well to give them an extra level of glam. Designs using Mermaid Powder are also really popular at the moment; the Mermaid Powder from my collection is so versatile and can be used either to create a mirrored shimmer, or it can be dabbed into the tacky layer of a top coat to create a beautiful glitter effect.

Where do you see the future of nail design heading?

I can see the nail industry becoming even bigger and better over the next decade. Social media has played a huge part in driving the industry forward, and I think it will continue to do so. It enables nail artists such as myself to share our designs on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube etc. and it gains an instant reaction. The industry is definitely faster paced now and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon!

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