Cheryl Taylor of oh Darlin hair salon

We know how important it is to receive the best training when you work in the beauty industry. Not just for beginners, even those who have been practicing for years can learn new techniques and skills that can set you apart from the competition.

So, for this month’s Ask the Expert series, we spoke to the brilliant Cheryl Taylor. We’ve already chatted to her about her salon, Oh Darlin’, in our Salon Design of the Month feature. Along with running her salon, Cheryl also opened her own training academy in 2013 to help others receive the best beauty education.

Whether you want to help your salon staff grow and develop, or want to branch out into hosting beauty training yourself, see what Cheryl has to say about how she embarked on her career…

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Hi Cheryl! Can you give us an introduction to your training program at Oh Darlin’?

We offer beauty training courses that are current and on trend. Our busiest courses are Classic lashes, Russian lashes and UV Gel Polish.

What made you want to start giving beauty training to other beauticians?

I am so passionate about what I do that I decided I wanted to teach to help raise the standards in the beauty industry and share my skills.

How do you make sure you stay on top of your game in terms of industry knowledge?

I invest a lot of time and money in both myself and my team with continual personal development. I believe in ensuring my team are trained to the highest standard so they can deliver my courses to the highest level.

How do you make sure your training courses offer the best standards? What makes them stand out from the rest?

My training content is updated regularly along with how sessions run. I hold monthly meetings with my team to give support and feedback on all reviews sent in and observations. I allow for team training and skill sharing to help each other grow. I also assist and encourage staff to voice their own areas of weakness to help develop.

We show passion and professionalism with a relaxed environment and this works well.

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Why is education so important for those working in the beauty industry? What are the benefits of gaining new qualifications?

To be the best, and to feel confident working within this industry, you must be trained by the best. The best education starts with a strong foundation, which can be built on by adding more skills etc. Gaining qualifications not only adds to your skills, but keeps everyone up to date with the newest trends and treatments. It also enables correct insurance procedures and sets you out of the crowd.

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What has been your standout career highlight so far?

I was invited to speak at the World Lash University conference in Birmingham this year. I delivered a presentation about fitness, health and the importance of looking after your well-being whilst working in the beauty industry. We forget how gruelling doing treatments is on our own bodies.

And what has been your biggest challenge?

Opening the biggest academy in the North West whilst juggling family life and building our home from the ground up.

Where do you find your own inspiration to keep fresh and innovative?

I work with a group of amazing people, including my business partner Kate, all of whom inspire me to keep fresh and innovative. My social media followers are a big part of it too; there are so many other people and businesses out there who innovate and inspire!

My family are my biggest supporters though and they inspire me to be the business woman I am too.

What are your thoughts on how social media has impacted the beauty industry?

Being 40, I’ve watched this evolve – sometimes for worse, sometimes for the better!

However, I do wonder how we ever managed before as my business would be nothing without it!

What is the best advice you can give to someone who is just starting out in the beauty industry?

Support others, but never compare yourself or your business to them. Focus on your own goals and aim to perfect one treatment or area at a time. Enjoy the journey – it’s an incredible industry to be apart of.

What is next for your career through 2019 and beyond?

Wow, I feel like I’ve only just started and have so much more to give! I would love to develop a product range of my own and develop more courses. Who knows what the future holds, but I am constantly working on my next move!

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