Starting his career as a trainee barber in Italy aged 11 before becoming International Creative Director of Trevor Sorbie, Angelo Seminara has been making waves in the business of hairdressing.

We caught up with Angelo, winner of British Hairdresser Of The Year 2016, who recently scooped the prized accolade for the fourth time.

Now Art Director for Davines Spa, Angelo also used to work with Eugene Soulieman, where each season they were involved in 30 international fashion shows including Paris, New York, London and Milan.

How did it feel to win ‘British Hairdresser of the Year 2016’?

Amazing! I’m really thrilled to be holding the British Hairdresser of the Year trophy for the fourth time! It’s really, really incredible and so rewarding. It makes all those long, hard days of perfecting my work to get things just right all the more satisfying.

Did you have any idea you’d be winning the accolade for the 4th time?

Absolutely not, I had no idea. The levels of creativity and the standards of technical work of this year’s British nominees – my fellow discerning professionals – are incredible, unbelievably brilliant. So, to have my work appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded as the best is an honour beyond measure.


What does it mean to you to win the award?

Once again, I have the honour of being the ultimate ambassador for British hairdressing – such a privilege. I’ll do my utmost to represent us all over the world in the best possible light, aiming to inspire and encourage others to become the best hairdresser possible.

Who influences you the most within the hairdressing industry?

My greatest hairdressing influence just has to be Trevor Sorbie. Working with him for 15 years was a profound experience. He showed me how standards, disciplines and hairdressing excellence in all its forms must remain your total focus. That you must never compromise or settle for second best. That you must seek perfection – always. Trevor has been like a father to me and I will be forever grateful for what he’s helped me to achieve.


When did you start appreciating really great hair?

When I realised you must master all the rules so you have the confidence to break them. Only then you can let your creativity fly, see it soar and see that things don’t always finish where they appear to – there is always more to be discovered.

What has been your favourite hairdressing moment to date?

Realising that it’s originality and a passion for progress that sets individuals apart. A reason my work never stands still is a relentless urge to create something new and untried, seemingly only feasible in the imagination. Some people call this pushing the boundaries; I call it an obsession to achieve the unachievable for the betterment of hairdressing globally.


How would you describe your hairdressing style?

I always work to create something original, I’m never a copyist and I have a very strong ethical point of view about this. The way I work is to always push the boundaries of hair, craft it into surprising shapes, astonishing colours and sensational textures. I like to create avant-garde as well as beautifully commercial styles, using a complex mix of techniques and skills to achieve something visionary and unique.

What have you got planned throughout 2017 and beyond?

I plan to keep thinking outside the box, create astonishing things, things thought to be impossible. I love to create something new and original that pleases my eyes, mind, body and soul. Mother Nature is my reliable source of inspiration; her achievements are as awe-inspiring as they are unfathomable. I’ll also continue with my role as Artistic Director for Davines, whose products – made from high-quality, natural ingredients – are totally compatible to hair and a hairdresser’s needs. Ethically sound, they absolutely respect and care for the environment and along with Davines, I’d love to create more eco-sustainable products and tools.

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