Mark Woolley is an award winning Hair Stylist, Creative Director and Entrepreneur behind the exclusive Electric brand encompassing Salons, a Luxury Hair Care Range, Electric Studio and The Electric Education Academy.

Drawing from 18 years experience Marks work regularly appears in leading publications across the globe and he is frequently used as an expert on celebrity hair trends, on TV and within top monthly glossy magazines.

With beautiful salons in Marylebone, Brighton, Oxford, Liverpool and Edinburgh, Mark had the honor of winning HJI British Hairdressing Business Awards’ Director of the year 2010 alongside wining HAIR Magazine’s Salon Stylist of the Year 2009, National Business Awards and Creative Heads Most Wanted Awards.


1. You started out your career as a Saturday lad in a salon, how did you first know that hairdressing was what you wanted to do?

It was actually a careers talk at school that inspired me – I got a Saturday job and made my mind up that I wanted to open my own salon. Once I left school I took a job at SAKS in Darlington, and the rest is history!


2. What’s been your most proud moment of your career so far?

Shooting with Antony Mascolo, winning British Hairdressing Business Director of the Year and launching the Electric product range and brand.


3. Apart from hairdressing, do you have any other great passions or hobbies?

I’m passionate about my kids and I love spending time with them. I don’t have much time for hobbies but I do like to run in Hyde Park or on Devil’s Dyke in Sussex.


4. You get to work with many celebrity clients…have you got any funny stories you can share with us?

There’s no specific stories, but I would say working with Paloma Faith in general is great fun. I started working with her accidentally actually. I had been cutting a client’s hair in the Marylebone salon for a while and she turned out to be Paloma’s personal manager, so when Paloma complimented her on her hair she recommended me. That was 2 years ago, and I now cut and style Paloma’s hair every 6 to 8 weeks. She’s so fun and quirky I love her style!




5. Have you ever had a style go completely wrong?

Absolutely not! One of the first things I was taught is how important a client consultation is, if you have that then nothing should go wrong.


6. If you could offer a piece of advice to someone wanting to get started in hairdressing, what would it be?

I would advise them to have a clear goal and a real passion for hairdressing – it’s a great business with driven, creative people so enjoy it!


7. Who’s the latest celeb that you have styled?

Recently, Joseph Washbourn from Toploader was in the salon. Joe had a full head of very curly, long hair, and I cut most of it off and left him with a very sharp, more tailored look, with very short sides and slightly longer curls on top. I’ve known the Toploader lads for years, but I was still shocked when Joe called to say he wanted to have all his hair cut off, especially as his long hair had become part of the whole band’s image over the years. However I was still honoured to be asked and I think it looks great.



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