Here we catch up with stylist Perry Patraszewski, co-founder of the iconic Blue Tit salons.  Discover Perry’s earliest thoughts on noticing great hair, as well as what and who influences him to be a great hairdresser.

When did you decide that becoming a stylist was going to be a full-time profession?

I was really young (12ish) when my girlfriend at the time asked me to help her with Christina Aguilera inspired plaits. I discovered that I was pretty good at it and it was at this very moment that my obsession with hair was born.

Before I really decided to become professional, I worked in a tiny salon in a suburban town where trends were delayed by decades!

Blue Tit Hairdressing


What is your first memory of appreciating/noticing really great hair?

The first time I saw quality hair (or at least I thought I did) was just after I started practical education in a salon. I would then spend the next 3 years learning the craft.  The industry was glossy and big (it was 1998) and it smelled lovely due to all the imported German finishing cream called FAN.

What is one thing you wish that you had been told before embarking on a professional career in hairdressing?

That investing in the best tools you can get is the best choice you can make.

Blue Tit Hairdressing

What is the best piece of advice you can give to stylists just starting out in the hair business?

Never stop learning! Hairdressing industry is vast and you can be very specialised and still find your customers. Be kind to people and always over deliver, there is never enough kindness, smile and a good chat with a hairdresser. That’s a magnet to success.

What is your career highlight to date?

When I was 17 years old I found a collection of Angelo Seminara and I was blown away by the beauty of it. I promised myself that one day I will go and see his show live.

Today Angelo and I share the stage for Davine’s events and he’s a really nice guy. I just love the fact that once you decide to accomplish something, the universe bends over backward to deliver it as soon as you are willing to put a couple of ingredients in the recipe.

Blue tit hairdressing

Where do you find inspiration to keep your hairdressing fresh and innovative?

From every day life and the beauty of nature, as well as from other talented hairdressers and people in other industries. You should never be inspired by the same stuff other hairdressers are looking at because you will get the same results. Look around and fall in wonder with the beauty of life.

Blue Tit Hairdressing

Who influences you to be a fantastic hairdresser and why?

Creative Directors, Tom Connell, Angelo Seminara , Gianni Scumani and John Spanton – they all are really cool down to earth guys who do what ever comes to their minds – they use their talent and manifest it into reality. I follow their steps carefully.

What are your favourite tools/ products and why?

I don’t really have a single piece of equipment or product that is the one. I like wigs and hair weaves because you can get as creative as you want without the worry of the model – obviously it comes with limitations too!

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