Vikki Taylor-Dodds is the winner of the prestigious Nailympics and is also the ambassador for EZFlow Nail Systems, we thought we’d ask her a few questions about all the latest trends for 2014 and where she gets her inspiration from.
With so many fantastic looks and creations, where do you get your inspiration from?

I get a lot of my ideas from my imagination and dreams, especially the fantasy nails. Salon nail ideas can come from anywhere from a poster, TV program to a shirt design or fashion pattern.

What products and tools could you not live without?

My EzFlow 508 brush is my must-have, I won’t use anything else! I use all of the EzFlow colour collections & my clients love the variety

What is the longest amount of time you have spent on a single creation?

My longest creation took about 250hrs for the Nailympics, in salon most designs take between 1 ¬Ω and 2 hrs for the exciting stuff.

You have achieved a lot in your career including winning the Nailympics, what advice would you give to a nail technician starting out?

Never stop learning, always look at ways of improving and trying new things. It’s easy to stick with something tried and tested rather than try something new. Never be scared to try something different even if you don‚Äôt get it first time, most skills take time to master. Don’t give up

Could you tell our fans what trends you anticipate being big in 2014?

I think the long almond nail shape will still be big but I do think we may see a straighter edge appearing through 2014, gel polish design & acrylic design seems to be huge at the moment & I think it’s getting bigger all the time. Nudes & mattes will be back for spring but maybe with a twist!