Hot and humid weather can be frustrating for many clients with textured hair. However, frizz, flyaways and unruly tresses need not be an issue this summer, thanks to L’Oreal Professional’s new solution, Curl Expression.

Nicola Chamberlain, wholesale education manager at L’Oreal Professional, takes us through the L’Oreal Curl Expression range which is specially formulated for clients with curls, waves and coils.

Get your client’s curls coils and wavy hair ready for the summer months!

“Curl Expression is a game-changer because you want your curls to be seen, you want them to POP and I think the Curl Expression range does just that.”

-Celebrity Hair Stylist Derek Monroe

Before & After

What is available in the L’Oreal Professional Curl Expression range?

L’Oreal Professional Curl Expression Anti-build up Shampoo


A quick-foaming formula with a lightweight texture, gently eliminating buildup while providing moisture with no itchy feeling or stripping hair. Sulfate and silicone, paraben free.





This gentle clarifying shampoo works to refresh and cleanse your client’s hair and scalp. Impurities are washed away without stripping or drying out your client’s beautiful curls.

Key Features:

  • Enriched with glycerin, urea H and hibiscus seed extract for extra hydration.
  • Removes product build-up.
  • Non-drying.


L’Oreal Professional Curl Expression Intensive Moisturiser Mask


The soft-melting balmy formula is instantly absorbed by curls to seal in moisture. Deeply hydrates curls and coils while providing shine, for a free-flowing and natural feel.




Nourish your client’s curls with this hydrating mask. Helping to detangle and smoothen every strand, your client’s hair will be left feeling weightless with plenty of body and bounce.

Key Features:

  • Balm texture melts into the hair.
  • Smoothens and hydrates.
  • Enriched with vitamins and glycerin.

L’Oreal Professional Curl Expression 10-in-1 cream in-mousse


This cream-in-mousse 10 benefit treatment includes qualities such as maintaining hydration, curl definition, and the strength of the fiber. While providing such health benefits it is also used for styling.





Lock in the shape and style of your client’s curls with this multi-benefit mousse.

Key Features:

  • Protects against humidity and heat.
  • Contains plant-based glycerin to maintain moisture levels.
  • Ideal for both curls and coils.


A reviving spray which is applied to curls every morning after pillow friction. This provides a weightless, long lasting hydration effect, moisturizing the curls and coils, while giving a memorable floral fragrance.



This lightweight and hydrating spray has been created in collaboration with four international curl and coil specialists: Titus Magida, Vivi Siqueira, Derick Monroe and Elodie Euston.

Key Features:

  • Adds lustre to the hair.
  • Offers a natural, soft feel to the touch.


“It’s creamy, moisturizing, & super nourishing. Curl Expression to me means the future. It means innovation. It allows women with textured hair to look it, to be able to own their natural hair.”

-Elodie Euston Curl Expert Colourist