I am sure over the last few months many of you will have visited one of the many trade shows that happened across the UK and Ireland. During your visit you will have seen new pieces of beauty equipment, treatments, techniques and ideas of things to add to your business. But what is the best way to introduce a new treatment or technique to your business for maximum result but minimum outlay?

As an ever evolving industry with a society of people who are more and more aware of beauty treatments and products, and conscious of their appearance it has become a necessity for salons and therapists to introduce new treatments, products and techniques on a regular basis to keep ahead of the game and stand out from their competitors.

Introducing new treatments can be expensive in equipment, products and training but then you have the added expense of marketing the treatment, all of which add up.

So, here are my Top 10 tips on how you can introduce a new treatment to great success:

1. Special Offers

Offer an introductory offer for perhaps the first month to encourage clients to try the new treatment. Depending on the nature of the new treatment you could perhaps pair it with another treatment for free. For example, if you are introducing a new facial you could offer a free back massage with it, as this is very inexpensive for you to do. You could perhaps offer a second treatment for half price, or a course of treatment at a special introductory price.

2. Social Media

This is an instant, interactive and free way of telling a large audience about your new addition. Regular posts and updates giving your followers facts and information about the new treatment will drip feed the message and keep putting it in front of the client and potential clients.

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3. Posters

If you have a salon, or rent a room within a salon, posters can be fairly inexpensive and very effective as long as they are eye catching and attract the client’s attention. If you have a good relationship with local related businesses they may even allow you to put a poster or leave leaflets in their businesses to spread the word further.

4. Answerphone Message

Re-record your outgoing message at the salon, or on your mobile phone if you are an independent mobile therapist, to advertise the new treatment briefly. This is something you could do on a monthly basis to advertise any promotions or events you have coming up.

5. Website

Make a feature of your new treatment on your website so as it is obvious that it is new and list all of the benefits to make it appealing to the masses.

6. Leaflets

If you don’t have a salon and work on a mobile basis leaflets are a good way to promote a new treatment to a client. They are also a good way of advertising the new treatment to a whole target area by doing a leaflet drop – something that can be done by salons as well to promote their business. While I appreciate leaflet drops can be very time consuming and tedious they are an effective, and fairly economical way of getting your message out.  All you need are your feet, some time and some leaflets – which can be produced for very little with many web based printing sites.

7. E-newsletter

If you have your clients email addresses you can very easily put together an e-newsletter focusing on your new treatment to email out to them all. The great thing about this is that it is entirely free to produce and send!

8. Local Press

Local press can be a great way of advertising your new treatment, particularly if you can get it for free! Many local newspapers and magazines will happily come and write a story about your new treatment if you do the treatment on them for free – win win for everyone. You could even offer a special promotion to the readers of the magazine/newspaper to entice them in and allow you to gage how effective advertising in that particular publication is.

9. Word Of Mouth

This is obviously the best way of telling people about your new treatment as it allows for interactive conversation about it and questions to be asked to ensure that the treatment is fully understood.

10. Open Evening

Not only is an open evening or open day a great way to thank loyal clients for their custom and create a bit of a stir but it is also the perfect opportunity – whilst you have a captive audience – to demonstrate your new treatment so as people can see first hand how fantastic it is. Again, you could offer a special promotion on the treatment to those who book at the event.

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Good Luck!

by Marie-Louise Coster

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