With more and more clients looking to enhance their natural or coloured hair, without damage, many colourists are turning to high-quality glosses to help maintain colour, shine and health. Infinity is a long-lasting colour glaze with zero lift and zero damage from Wella Professionals. SHINEFINITY is the new long-lasting colour glaze which offers zero lift and zero damage and promises to deliver true-to-tone colour results with a silky hair finish.

Introducing the new SHINEFINITY Colour Glaze from Wella Professionals



Shine Your Clients Can Feel

SHINEFINITY glaze is perfect for all glossing and glazing services and provides healthy-looking, never artificial, shimmering results. The glaze comes in 32 translucent modern shades allowing you infinite possibilities for all hair types and includes three exclusive in-salon services, one of which was co-created with Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador and glossing expert, Patricia Nikole.

The exclusive “Shimmer Melt Glaze” is perfect to achieve modern, painted hair looks and can create a gradient and dimensional melting effect with a seamless blend.

All SHINEFINITY glazes last up to 6 weeks! *


What’s available in the Wella Shinefinity range?

PH Balanced

SHINEFINITY introduces a state-of-the-art clean formula featuring a pH balanced technology which is designed to regulate and control the pH level throughout the colouring process while protecting the integrity of the hair which means ZERO lift and ZERO damage.

Zero Mess, Zero Damage

Use the bottle activator for speed and ease, ideal for all your applications at the basin, or use the brush and bowl activator for precision, perfect for melts and technique work. Applies as a non-drip gel-cream with zero mess and zero damage.

Key Benefits: 

  • True-to-tone reliable colour results.
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks*.
  • pH balanced.
  • Non-drip gel cream.
  • Zero ammonia.
  • Zero silicones.
  • Zero lift and zero damage.
  • Zero drying-alcohols.
  • Zero direct dyes.

Care for your SHINEFINITY

To keep your SHINEFINITY glaze shimmering for up to 6 weeks* we recommend using the best care from Wella Professionals. For multi processed hair use our best colour care line COLORMOTION+ which will keep your glaze protected and vibrant and hair strong. For the more ingredient-conscious client, use our most gentle hair care line Elements. Up to 99% natural origin ingredients** and a good option for finer hair types.



*Provided hair is washed x3/ week

**91%-99% depending on the product.

Watch Wella Shinefinity in action

Step One: Lightening

  • Freehand: 40g Blondor Freelights & 60g 6% Freelights developer.
  • Divide the hair into 4 sections.
  • Work in horizontal sections about 1 inch wide.
  • Surface paint near the root and saturate the ends.
  • Work closer to the root as you move up.
  • Paint the lightener closest to the hairline.
  • Leave to develop for 50 minutes.
  • Rinse and remove. Use Blondor Seal and Care before the glaze.

Step Two: Shinefinity Glaze

  • Root glaze: 60g 04/07 + 60g brush and bowl activator.
  • Ends glaze: 08/38 +60g bottle activator.
  • Blend the root glaze about 1 inch over the lightened area.
  • Apply the end glaze and blend the two slightly.
  • Continue through the sides.
  • Develop for 20 minutes.

Try SHINEFINITY today and explore the infinite possibilities

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