Thank you for everyone who entered our Jaguar Competition by telling us their proudest moment in the industry, especially Heather Unsworth whose heart warming story won her a pair of Jaguar Diamond E Night Scissors. After reading our favourite entries, don’t forget you can pick up selected Jaguar Scissors VAT FREE until 31/03/13 by using the code JAGVF at the checkout.


Heather Unsworth (Winner)

I did a lady’s hair a few years back. She wanted a restyle, a new colour and a younger modern cut. I was running half an hour or so late and was thinking about my next client and not really listening to my client until I heard her say her husband wouldn’t talk about it. I apologized and asked what he wouldn’t talk about; she then told me she only had 4 weeks left to live. I was so shocked as you could imagine, suddenly I couldn’t care I was running late. She told me all about her 12 year old son; she was making a memory box for him with recordings of her voice and had been sorting the funeral out because she knew her husband would struggle. I ended up being an hour or so late for my next client but I didn’t care, I was giving this amazing woman what might be her last cut and colour. She loved it, said she felt like a new woman and hugged me. Five weeks later a lady came in to the salon and told me that her friend whose hair I’d done previously had died four weeks after. I don’t know how hard her final weeks were but I know she felt beautiful and confident because of what I did, that is my proudest moment of my career.

Pamela Johnston

When I was just starting out as a junior many years ago, I gained the trust of my boss and quickly showed a flare for perming. One day she entrusted me with a spiral perm and after standing for about 5 hours winding in the perm, processing and neutralising, the boss give me a long awaited pat on the back. She was hard to work for but a good hairdresser. That pat on the back meant the world to me.

Laura Berry

I would have to say my best moment in hairdressing was doing my first haircut alone after learning the trade. It made me feel so proud of myself that I put my mind to something and stuck at it. Now I wouldn’t know what I would do without hairdressing. If I were to win the Jaguar scissors it would just be the icing on the cake.

Karen Sanderson

My proudest moment in hairdressing was when one of my regular clients booked an appointment with me and asked if I could shave off all her hair. Sadly she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer, and would be going through gruelling radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I had been cutting and blowing drying my client’s hair for over 5 years, I I knew it would be tough on both of us to shave off all her beautiful hair. Armed with my clippers, and a box of tissues, I shaved off her hair, she sobbed as each swipe of my clippers took yet another large section of her hair away. I tried to remain strong for my client, but I couldn’t. We both cried and hugged each other. I knew exactly how she felt as I had been diagnosed with cancer when I was 29 years old. I kept in touch with my client, but had not seen her for over a year, as I’d left the salon and became self-employed. I was on my way to a new client’s house, unaware that it was my client whose hair I’d shaved off over a year ago. She greeted me at her front door with flowers and a huge smile. Her hair was growing back and she needed a wee tidy up. She was in remission. My client is still continuing with good health. I am also cancer free now for the past 17 years……..I love my job!

Nataleigh Ward

My shining moment is when I did a lady’s hair that was really ill with kidney failure and had asked me to make her feel beautiful again. I gave her a complete restyle and colour change (half head highlights, all over base 5 and cut in a graduated bob). She originally had long hair with no style and iron grey hair. She looked in the mirror and cried her heart out, I cried with her. I made her really happy and she touched my heart with the tears, I’ll never forget that. She said I was a very special professional young lady.

Maria Burnett

The moment that I finished my training and my name was in the appointment book, I had my own official column.